Apple introduced Vision Pro headset, MacBook Air, & iOS 17

After introducing the first Apple Watch in 2015, Vision Pro is the company's first significant new product in 8 years

Apple introduced Vision Pro headset, MacBook Air, & iOS 17
Apple introduced Vision Pro headset, MacBook Air, & iOS 17

At its first and biggest event of 2023, Apple introduced Vision Pro headset, MacBook Air, & iOS 17 and a number of gadgets. But the company’s virtual reality (VR) headset being one of the most well-received. At Worldwide Developers Conference (WWD C), Apple also unveiled iOS 17, an improved and new operating system.

Vision Pro Headset

At the company’s event, a number of gadgets were showcased, but the VR headset captured everyone’s attention. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, unveiled a virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) headset at the developer conference. After introducing the first Apple Watch in 2015, this is the company’s first significant new product in 8 years.

Vision Pro Headset
Vision Pro Headset

With Vision Pro, according to Tim Cook, your world will be more expansive and you won’t be restricted to a single monitor. This gadget will teach us about spatial computing.

It will enable users to view an augmented reality (AR) representation of their surroundings or a full virtual reality setting, according to Alan Dye, vice president of Apple’s human interface division. You may navigate the many areas of the Vision Pro merely by looking, using your hands, voice, and eyes to control it.

The device’s front has a transparent screen so you can view the world around you. The company claims that you may look through the to-do list and notes on the gadget and play music while typing.

3D Camera

The Vision Pro, Apple’s most expensive product, contains a 3D camera that can be used to take images and use VR. The device also uses the M2 processor and includes a 4k display in front of each eye. The manufacturer asserts that no other product in the world can deliver a 3D experience of this kind.

Features of Vision Pro

The business claims that this gadget will take the place of televisions, surround sound systems, powerful laptops, and gaming consoles. The most crucial aspect of the Vision Pro, is that it has capabilities that allow the user to keep an eye on those around them. The user’s eyes will be visible to other people, which also allows the user to keep an eye on others.

Vision OS Operating System

We’ll be using the brand-new vision operating system, which was created just for this headgear. The new Vision OS will support all of the current iPad and iOS apps in addition to having its own app store. Significant functionality has been added, allowing users to use it with a variety of apps.

Film production business Disney will also produce special movies and web series for vision pro, which will be made available to consumers early next year. The VR helmet is priced at $3499 USD.

MacBook Air

At the conference, Apple displayed the 13- and 15-inch MacBook Air, which has a 24-core CPU in the M2. The 15-inch module will cost 1300 USD and the MacBook Air will cost between 1100 and 1300 USD.

MacBook Air
MacBook Air

iOS 17

At the event, the company also unveiled iOS 17, an updated operating system with new features. Users will now be able to convert incoming voice calls to texts when using the new operating system.

The incoming communications will be audible to you via audio. Users of iOS 17 will now be able to give each number a unique icon and color, distinct emojis, and digital avatars.

Users will be able to share contact information with two iPhones that are close thanks to a new function called Name Drop. The way Siri, Apple’s digital assistant, is used has also been made simpler with iOS 17. Now, you may simply speak Siri to activate the digital assistant rather than say hi Siri.

Interesting Features of iOS 17

A new feature called Contact Poster will assist in creating contact posters using profile photographs and other items. In addition, a new Journal app and standby mode are coming with iOS 17.

Without touching the iPhone, you will be able to view pictures, the calendar, the clock, and more when it is in standby mode. Apple has updated the operating system of the iPhone and included a number of new features. Consumers will be able to download iOS 17 for their iPhones starting in September, although not all iPhones will be able to do so.

iOS 17
iOS 17

Who Will Use It?

Only iPhone XS and newer models will support Apple’s new operating system, which cannot be updated to 2017 or older phones. This suggests that if you own an iPhone 8 or iPhone X (or 10), you won’t be able to get Apple’s software updates.

This choice was unexpected given that Apple ends software support for obsolete devices every year. The fact that your old iPhone will still work with iOS 16 or an earlier version of the operating system, even if you lose access to the most recent version of iOS, should be stressed. However, it will not have the most recent features.

Losing access to updated iOS versions increases the risk of malware and hacking because software upgrades also repair problems. The iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, 13, and 14 series phones are all compatible with this new operating system.

Developers get access to this new operating system in beta (beta) form, but the general public must wait to use it. In addition to announcing software updates for iPhones and MacBooks, the company also unveiled AirPods and watches at the event.


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