Artificial intelligence more dangerous than nuclear weapons

Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence

According to a Stanford University survey, more than a third of researchers believe that artificial intelligence (AI) can lead to “destruction like nuclear weapons.”  According to the report, ‘incidents and conflicts’ related to artificial intelligence have increased 26 times in the past years.  According to the survey, advances in artificial intelligence are giving rise to various threats and opportunities.

Experts say that AI, which could not be imagined a decade ago, is introducing new standards in the art world today.  Such as answering questions through chatbots, creating faces through coding, etc.  However, these artificial intelligence systems can easily be used for fraud and other nefarious purposes.

In this report, the issue of  A deep fake video of Ukrainian President Zelensky surrendering to Russian forces and one person was advised by a chatbot to commit suicide to combat climate change after a six-week conversation, on which incidents such as the man committed suicide were mentioned. On the basis of this, it was proved that artificial intelligence can cause destruction in society.

Last month, Elon Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak wrote a letter to chatbots and its workers with the signatures of 1,300 people. The letter called for a six-month halt to work on chatbots and artificial intelligence. It was further written that it should be closed until comprehensive legislation and positive impact emerge in this regard.

According to the 2023 AI Index report, 36% of researchers said decisions made with AI could lead to nuclear-level destruction, while 73% said they would soon lead to “revolutionary social change”.

In a public poll, Americans appeared particularly wary of AI, with only 35 percent agreeing that products that use artificial intelligence have more benefits than disadvantages. According to the report, 78 percent of Chinese, 76 percent of Saudis, and 71 percent of Indians participated in the survey.

However, government measures to regulate and control artificial intelligence are accelerating. The European Union has proposed the Artificial Intelligence Act to regulate what types of artificial intelligence are acceptable and which should be banned.

Due to public awareness in the United States, the Joe Biden administration has announced to start of public consultations for legislation related to AI and it was assured that effective steps would be taken to make artificial intelligence reliable.


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