Aware! Blood pressure is a silent killer

According to a recent medical study, every third person is suffering from blood pressure

Blood pressure is a silent killer
Blood pressure is a silent killer

The growth, health, and beauty of the human body depend on blood. The biggest source of blood growth is the food we eat.

The better and more nutritious our food, the more powerful and energetic we will be. On the contrary, if our diet is sub-standard and unbalanced, then the performance of our body will be equally poor.  Dirty and irregular foods lead to the growth of dirty and irregular blood and make us prone to many blood-related diseases.

Blood pressure is one of the diseases caused by blood disorders in the system. Blood pressure is one of the most dangerous diseases of the present era, medical experts have described blood pressure is a silent killer for life,  because it is diagnosed much later and by then it has been able to deepen its roots.

According to a recent medical study, every third person is suffering from blood pressure. It is a different matter that the majority of us remain unaware of this disease for a certain period.  Although high blood pressure itself is a dangerous and deadly disease, other diseases associated with it are even more serious and worrisome.

These include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, kidney failure, stroke, and brain hemorrhage, which are often caused by high blood pressure. Cholesterol is the biggest factor in causing high blood pressure.

Cholesterol is commonly found in abundance in foods such as milk, butter, ghee, cheese, eggs, meat, kale, marijuana, and fried items. There are two major types of cholesterol.

One of them is useful while the other is harmful. Cholesterol, which is essential for the chemical composition and health of human blood, is called high-density protein HDL.  It is produced in the liver and small intestine and matures in the liquid state of the blood.

This system plays an important role in the blood, extracting cholesterol from different sources and sending it back to the liver. In this way, the excess amount of cholesterol is added to the Safra and released through the braz.

The appropriate amount of HDL is harmful cholesterol. Therefore, we can become the recipients of many benefits by taking a little care. We enjoy a better and healthier life by using a balanced and proper diet, at appropriate intervals.  The blood pressure of the human body varies at different times.

Generally, 80 mg to 120 mg is considered normal in young people, while 90 mg to 140 mg is also considered appropriate in elderly people. Blood pressure is generally considered to be one of a kind.

Among them, the upper one is called systole in medical terms and the lower one is called diastole.  One of the most important explanations is that low blood pressure also sometimes leads to death. When blood pressure falls below the required level, its supply starts decreasing towards the brain.

 Treatment to Prevent Blood Pressure

According to a group of medical experts, blood pressure is an incurable disease, while according to nutritionists, dietary choice and abstinence can overcome all types of disease and get rid of it.

 Dietary treatment of blood pressure

People with blood pressure can avoid many complications by changing their diet properly. Garlic, ginger, and black pepper are natural means of thinning the blood and normalizing cholesterol levels.

In vegetables, cabbage, carrot, radish, turnip, ghee pumpkin, tur, spinach, Tenda, bitter gourd, salad leaves, fish, dal moong, gram, khambi (mushrooms) can be used without fear.

Keep in mind that garlic, cumin white, and tomatoes should be added a little more to these vegetables. Fruits include pomegranate, guava, apple, orange, musmi, malta, kinnow, chakotra, papaya, nashbati, melon, watermelon, falsa, etc.

Oatmeal, barley bread, clown flour bread, and besan bread are also medically useful.  Avoiding tea, coffee, cola drinks, smoking, and drinking, etc. is considered to be proof of a healthy life. Chocolate, jam, ketchup, chutneys, etc. also do not give any benefits except taste, so they should also be avoided.  Minimal consumption of sugar, salt, and fats protects against not only blood pressure but also many other physical disorders.

Exercise has a fundamental place in human health and fitness. As much as possible, the body should be done because by exercising, the body starts performing in a better condition during the blood system in the human system.  If you can’t exercise, make morning walks an integral part of your routine.

Morning walks save us from innumerable physical problems. Sleeping immediately after eating at night also causes many diseases. Stress and nervous tension should also be avoided.

Contentment is the biggest cause of mental well-being and comfort is the main secret of health. Dana says that health is the world’s biggest and most precious wealth.


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