Blue Tick started on Gmail

Blue tick started on Gmail
Blue tick started on Gmail

Google, the world’s largest internet technology website, has started giving free blue ticks on Gmail and Google’s other brands to consumers and organizations. In this regard, Google has informed users about the details of this service in a blog post.


According to the details released by the company from this service in the blog post, Blue Tick will be given on all platforms including Google’s Gmail, and Google Workplace, in order to prevent counterfeiting on these platforms, the Blue Tick service has been started from May 3.

Under the above feature, users of other Google brands, including Gmail users worldwide, will be provided a free blue tick after verification.

What is BIMI?

The blog post stated that the feature was tested in 2021 and the company has named this feature and program ‘Brand Indicators for Message Identification’ (BIMI). Under this feature, blue ticks will also be provided to users of other Google brands such as Google Workplace, including Gmail accounts of organizations and companies.

Who is eligible?

Google has confirmed in its blog that under the Brand Indicators for Message Identification Program, all users and organizations using Google’s platforms will be provided a blue tick for free. The company will give the above blue tick with the username of users or organizations, as used to be given on Twitter.

As soon as a user clicks on the blue tick, the message will appear that the said entity or person is not a fraud or fake, but an authentic company or individual.

User’s Opinion

Google’s decision to launch Gmail and the company’s other platforms Blue Tick service is appreciated by users. Millions of Google users worldwide have expressed happiness over the Blue Tick service and have described this feature as an excellent way to protect against fake emails and fraud.


It should be noted that before Google, the blue tick service is being provided to users on several social media platforms and for some time now, the blue tick service of Twitter has been discussed worldwide in various contexts, but it cannot be denied that users are more confident about blue tick accounts.


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