Can Artificial Intelligence replace Human Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence replace Human
Artificial Intelligence replace Human

Artificial General Intelligence (AI) is said to be using artificial intelligence on a scale that the world has never seen. But the question arises whether we are ready for this change and also can Artificial Intelligence replace Human Intelligence.

According to the news agency AFP, with the use of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), any machine can do such a thing that only humans are able to do because of their brain and intelligence.

The concept of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is much broader than that of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

An example of AI is a software called ChatGPT that is capable of doing only a few specific tasks. But since its launch, the hope of making AGI’s idea a reality has increased further.

However, experts have warned that historical changes in the use of AJI could not only pose a threat to human jobs but also create social problems that will be difficult to overcome.

Head of us technology company Runway, Seiki Chen said that “Earlier discoveries in the world of technology have also led to social change, but this is the first time that we have been able to create intelligence and are also increasing it. ”

He said that the change coming from this will be much bigger than the change brought about by any technological discovery.

It also raises the question that if artificial intelligence can create images and art in addition to writing articles, poems, and songs, then what is the need for humans to get an education, and also can Artificial Intelligence replace Human Intelligence thoroughly?

And who will take responsibility for making artificial intelligence neutral, accurate, and in line with the culture of different countries?

OpenAI, the company that introduced ChatGPT, says they plan to gradually create AGI that benefits all humanity, On the other hand, the company has also admitted that there are security issues in its software.

OpenAI’s chief scientist says that a process is necessary to secure the software and companies should create a mechanism so that they do not rush to launch the AI model.

According to those associated with these technology companies, there is no question of slowing down in this sector.

Sharon Zhu, the founder of a company that works on AI, says power is concentrated in the hands of those who can invent such models and they also have the power to make decisions but they are not ready to slow down their pace.


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