Can housework replace regular exercise?

To keep yourself fit, it is important to try to exercise whenever you get a chance

housework replace regular exercise
housework replace regular exercise

In addition to being unaware of the importance of their mental and psychological health, women are also careless about ‘fitness’. While women are not only the backbone of a family and home, it is important for them to take special care of physical health and fitness along with their own mental and psychological health.

Being physically fit is very important not only for professional life but also for enjoying daily life and its joys. Can housework replace regular exercise? It a very difficult to answer this question and professionals have different views about this. Women who are engaged in various tasks from morning to night can ensure their health and fitness by making regular exercise for a few minutes a day.

There is a general perception in our society that exercise is limited and necessary only to the bodybuilding process of gentlemen, while the reality is somewhat different.

Exercise is as important and useful for women as it is for gentlemen. It is not necessary that women, like gentlemen, use different machines or a gym to exercise. To keep themselves fit, women can keep their bodies and mind fit by doing light exercise for a few moments a day.

One of the biggest benefits of keeping themselves physically fit and ‘active’ for women is that women who exercise regularly have to change the perception that women are physically weak.

Because through various types of exercise, they make themselves strong enough to face any kind of situation mentally and physically.

It should be remembered that some ‘exercises’ have also been issued for women, whose purpose is to protect themselves in a difficult situation. So that god forbid, not only mentally, but also physically, they are ready to deal with any kind of difficulty and can defend themselves without anyone’s help.

Regular physical activities are very important for the good mental and physical health of women, because they not only ensure overall health and fitness, but also help in maintaining our weight balance, reducing the risk of various diseases, and promoting good mental health.

According to a study, at least 30 minutes of exercise is necessary for good mental and physical health. But the obstacles women face to make ‘gym’ or ‘exercise’ their routine regularly, include domestic responsibilities and lack of time, as well as other factors such as trends and motivation.

Many women are busy with child-rearing, household responsibilities, and jobs, and are unable to find time for themselves. But to keep yourself fit, it is important to try to exercise whenever you get a chance.

Three 10-minute ‘aways’ for exercise a day will also have the same health benefits as 30 minutes of continuous ‘aways’. In addition, activities with your children such as going to the shop to get a deal or playing in the park with the kids are the best way to stay active and fit.

Similarly, many women are unable to take time out to get fit or go to the gym due to being busy with various household responsibilities, for which the help of someone in the family or friends can be taken. In fitness time, your children can be left at a trusted close relative or friend’s house for care.

After professional matters or day-long household responsibilities, women are not able to make exercise a part of their daily life due to tiredness, but regular exercise gives women the energy to understand better the demands of daily life.

Instead of continuous long exercise for women, a few minutes of exercise every day can help relieve fatigue during the first few weeks.

Women also find it difficult to exercise regularly due to other health issues. For this, it is important that women, after consulting their doctor, choose exercises that help reduce or remove their disease, for example, many diseases can be avoided by regular morning walks.

There is also a trend related to exercise or ‘exercise’ that it is necessary for them to go to the expensive ‘gym’, while the best form of exercise is also walking fast. Regular walks are best helpful in keeping women mentally and physically fit.

There is also an impression that if women want to lose weight or look physically fit, just spend the whole day doing household chores such as sweeping, washing clothes, etc. In this way, the body will be automatically exercised, which is absolutely a bad concept.

Because exercise is such a regular process, in which a person removes all the worries and worries of the world from the mind and is only one hundred for his physical health. At the time of exercise, if women stop worrying about the problems and tasks of the day and focus only on ‘exercise’, then it is beneficial for mental health as well as physical health.

Therefore, in order to include exercise in daily life, it is necessary to first identify the problems that are hindering exercise and then think about their possible solutions.   As with the lack of time or understanding that other tasks are as important, it is equally important for women to exercise.

At the same time, along with the routine of daily life, choose activities that you can enjoy yourself and also be ‘calm’ physically.  Also, write your diary and set achievable goals, do not let yourself fall prey to the ‘all or nothing’ mentality.

If you can only take time out for one or two exercise ’rounds’ per week at this time, it’s still a great achievement for you, because a short exercise will definitely be helpful, and exercising for a while is significantly better than not exercising at all.


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