Cruise to the World for $30,000: Getting Rid of Everyday Life,

cruise to the world for $30,000
cruise to the world for $30,000

Many people dream of spending some part of their lives away from routine tasks and the chaos of cities, but this desire is not possible for everyone to fulfill.

This idea is good, but its costs are so high that people do not decide to move forward.

According to the report, a cruise company has planned to run a cruise to the world for $ 30,000 that will stay at sea for three years to solve this problem.

The cruise ship will cover 130,000 miles in this period and will cost $30,000 annually.

‘Life at Sea Cruise’ has started bookings for its three-year sea voyage and will start its journey from Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, on November 1, 2023.

That is, there are still eight months left for those wishing to become passengers on this cruise to set up their passports, necessary vaccinations, and remote working capabilities.

Life at Sea Cruise Company has announced that its cruise will pass through 135 countries on seven continents during this voyage and will be anchored in 375 ports around the world Cruise passengers will also get a chance to see various important places during this journey.

Prominent sites include Brazil’s Christ de Redeemer Statue, India’s Taj Mahal, Mexico’s Chi Chin Atza Pyramids, Egypt’s Al-Jiza Pyramids, Peru’s lost city Machu Picchu and the Great Wall of China.

Cruise 103 will also halt on three islands and will stay overnight at 375 of 208 ports.

This company is a buy product of a company named Mere Cruise, which has been active in the cruise industry for 30 years.

This luxury cruise will consists of 400 cabins and a total of 1074 passengers will enjoy this trip around the world.  Apart from this, all kinds of necessary facilities will be available here. People from different countries who love to travel and want to do something different from everyday life are participating in this adventure to experience a lifetime memory.


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