Does keeping the laptop on charge all the time damage the battery?

laptop battery
laptop battery

A weak battery makes it impossible to use a good laptop without electricity.

Needless to say, this is a very common problem for people with laptops and is often described as the result of overcharging the device.

But is it true that keeping the laptop on constant charging weakens the battery?

If you also think so, know that the idea that the laptop battery is overcharged and gradually deteriorates is absolutely wrong.  According to the Windows Central report, there are two types of batteries used in current-day laptops, one is lithium polymer and other is lithium-ion.

Both types of batteries are designed in such a way that they stop charging after being 100 percent.  After this happens, the system starts transferring the battery directly to the computer instead of delivering power to it.

Simply put, keeping a full-charge laptop on charging occasionally throughout the day does not spoil the battery’s power unit.  But it is also true that making this habit can damage the battery.

Keeping the laptop battery charging 70 to 80 percent prolongs its life. If it is constantly charged when it is too low or too high, the battery life can end quickly.

Of course, it is very difficult to see how much percent the battery is charged, so instead of specific numbers, charge the battery a full 100 once.  Then do not charge the battery until the battery power reaches 50%.

If you want to improve battery life, try not to consume excessive power on the laptop, then close apps that are running in the background and adjust the device’s battery settings.

Heat also affects battery life and too much heat damages the battery. So make sure that the air in the bottom of the laptop can be drained properly.


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