Free Security Feature of Twitter Accounts Removed

twitter accounts
twitter accounts

Micro-blogging site Twitter has removed the two-element verification process feature worldwide for free, but Twitter Blue users i.e. monthly fee payers will be able to use the above feature.

Under this feature, whenever users sign in to their Twitter account, they receive a code on their mobile, which they use at the time of logging in.

Under the above procedure, Twitter accounts were considered highly secure, as no other person could access anyone’s account unless they had their mobile.

But now the company has abolished the two-factor authentication feature for free Twitter users and from March 20, 2023, millions of users around the world have lost the feature.

Eliminating this feature, Twitter has given users different options to secure accounts, but now users will not be able to get code via SMS on mobile for free.

But the feature of two-factor authentication will be available to users paying monthly fees and they will receive an SMS code on mobile as usual.

Users who lost the above feature can now secure their account in a traditional way by going to Twitter’s settings.

Users can go to account settings and go to privacy and security options to use various options to secure their accounts.

Users can use the option of ‘Authentication App’ and ‘Security Keys’ by going to the above settings.

The ‘Authentication App’ feature will only work when users download any authentication app in their mobile and use Twitter through it.

The above ‘authentication applications’ work exactly like app lock applications work.

However, according to experts, Twitter cannot be kept safe after the mobile is lost in the above method and anyone can access the account.

Under the second option, users will be able to use the same code number at the time of logging in by transferring ‘Security Keys’ to ‘Keys USB’.

However, both options given to users using free Twitter are considered useless for the security of accounts and it is believed that this will not secure the accounts and will increase the chances of them being hacked.


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