Godfather of AI’ Leaves Google

Godfather of AI'
Godfather of AI'

A computer scientist known as the “inventor of artificial intelligence” has left Google’s job, he has issued a terrible warning about the dangers posed by this technology.

Geoffrey Hinton, known as the Godfather of AI’ in the world of technology, said something that has caused an earthquake in the rapidly growing industry of artificial intelligence and also they are regretting their whole life’s work.

Who is the Godfather of AI’?

The name of 75-year-old Jeffrey Hinton needs no introduction to the world of artificial intelligence and he started artificial intelligence research around 1970. In other words, we can call Hinton the inventor of AI, unlike any other. A person who is associated with the field of artificial intelligence their whole life, what Hinton said about this technology will be known as the last letter because Hinton is the person who enlightened the world with new aspects of artificial intelligence. Jeffrey Hinton created a foundation technology for AI systems, worked at Google for more than a decade, and paved the way for existing artificial intelligence systems like ChatGPT.

What is ChatGPT?

Millions of people around the world have started using this advanced chatbot of artificial intelligence since ChatGPT came to light in November 2022. In artificial intelligence, the neural network works like the human brain, it is a system that gets information and works on it. Chatbots like ChatGPT could increasingly endanger jobs in the future.


What did Hinton say?

Geoffrey Hinton, the Godfather of AI’, has announced that he is leaving Google, saying that he regrets all the work he has done in the field of artificial intelligence because of the speed with which technology companies are working in this field These companies have worked day and night to outdo each other, the results will be very terrible, currently, these chatbots are not more intelligent than humans, but the time is not far when chatbots will defeat humans and then  It would be a hazardous situation.

According to psychologist and computer scientist Geoffrey Hinton, with the rapid development in the field of artificial intelligence, very soon chatbots will surpass the level of information of the human brain. Given the rapid progress in the field of artificial intelligence, we need to be concerned about this.

In one of his articles, Hinton has drawn attention to the misuse of artificial intelligence, which may cause many major threats to the world in the future. There is a big difference because human learns in a natural way whereas the intelligence of chatbots is artificial which makes it very different from us and the results will also be different. He also warned of the possible spread of misinformation generated by AI, saying that in the future ordinary people will not know what the truth is

Why did Hinton leave Google?

Dr. Geoffrey Hinton, who introduced the world to the technology of artificial intelligence and is known as the Godfather of AI’, says that the reason for his leaving Google is not only artificial intelligence, but there are several reasons for which I am retiring, and the biggest reason among them is my Age is because I am now 75 years old, so this is definitely my retirement age, he said that Google is a very responsible company and hopefully it will fully fulfill its responsibilities in the field of artificial intelligence.

What do scientists say about AI?

Remember that in a letter previously shared in March, the experts called on researchers to halt work on developing new artificial intelligence systems for the next six months and warned that if they did not do so, governments should intervene.

In the open letter, experts and artificial intelligence industry leaders, including Elon Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, warned that while the potential for artificial intelligence is positive, People may face a more difficult situation.

Geoffrey Hinton, the Godfather of AI’, one of the scientists who did not sign the letter, told The New York Times that scientists should not develop AI technology until they believe they can control it.


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