Google is Ready to Transform itself

Google is Ready to Transform itself
Google is Ready to Transform itself

Google, the most widely used search engine in the world, will soon look entirely different. Work is also progressing rapidly to incorporate AI technology. Google Search plans to add human voices to traditional search result links and artificial intelligence (AI) features such as chat, social media posts, and short videos. Google, the most visited website in the world, is prepared to undergo a total makeover.

What are the changes?

According to the reports, Google Search can also add the feature of scrolling up and down images like TikTok videos. Google’s search page is the most used web page in the world on which billions of topics are searched daily. The change in the design of this web page will significantly increase the popularity of AI technology. The report of the changes in Google search comes at a time when the company is facing new competitors such as TikTok. Some time ago reports told that most of the youth now prefer TikTok for various searches instead of Google, that’s why Google is giving prominence to short videos in the search results. Human voices will also be included in the new revisions’ search results.

Search Engine with AI

Google is developing a search engine with AI capabilities. It should be mentioned that Google announced the launch of its chatbot “Bard” in February 2023, following the inclusion of ChatGPT in Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Bard chatbot is based on Google’s Language Model for Dialog Applications (LAMDA) but has not yet been made part of Google Search. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, stated in an interview that AI Chat will be integrated into the search engine. He said that with revolutionary technology like AI, Google is ready to transform itself and in this way, Google’s search engine can be improved a lot. People will also be able to ask questions from Google along with a search. In March, Google introduced its own AI chatbot bard for limited users in the US and UK, but it has not yet been made available to all users.

Final Words

It is unclear when Google’s new revolutionary changes to its search engine and AI will be available to general users as they are still being tested. Additionally, Google is releasing AI functionality for Docs and Gmail.


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