Google Pixel Fold: Released a Teaser Video

Google Pixel Fold will be 5.8 inches, while when unfolded it will become a 7.6-inch wide tablet

Google Pixel Fold
Google Pixel Fold

Google has released a teaser video announcing its first foldable phone. The teaser video of this new foldable phone by Google has been released on YouTube and this phone has been named Google Pixel Fold, in the teaser video.


It can be seen that the external display of the Google Pixel Fold is visible; its opening style is similar to that of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold. Keep in mind, some technology websites said that the screen of the Google Pixel Fold will be 5.8 inches, while when unfolded it will become a 7.6-inch wide tablet. It can have a Google Tensor G2 processor installed while the weight is 10 ounces and the folding crease (hanger) is the best and its introductory price can be around $ 1700.

Important Point

According to reports, this phone will be presented by Google at the Google IO conference 2023, with two models being made, practically no details have been released. But it is expected that the details will be presented in the press conference.

In the video, no camera is visible on the phone’s inner screen, which indicates that the camera can be installed inside the display by Google; these are the details that have been reported earlier.

It is reported that Google is working with the South Korean smartphone maker to create the best Android version for the foldable mobile. Samsung seems to be leading the world of foldable phones followed by Oppo, Lenovo, Motorola, and Huawei.

Google Pixel tablets

It should be clear that Google Pixel Fold was supposed to be introduced by Google in 2022, but then the work on the project was stopped. It may be announced now, but the sale of fold phones can only be possible by the end of the year. This is because Google has asked its developers to create apps and graphic interfaces for large-screen phones. Google will also introduce its new tablets by the end of this year, which have been named Google Pixel tablets.


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