Google Reduce the Free Meal Facility for their Employees

Google Reduce the Free Meal Facility for their Employees
Google Reduce the Free Meal Facility for their Employees

Google, the world’s largest search engine, has reduced employee incentives to reduce costs and now another cost-cutting decision has been made that Google reduce the free meal facility for their employees to some extent.

According to media reports, Google has announced its cost reduction measures and has decided to focus on other essential areas, including prioritizing the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector.

Google’s Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat and the company’s search lead Prabhakar Raghavan have issued a memo that said, It was written that due to the challenging economic conditions and the investment available to advance technology, it is necessary to prioritize work in the AI sector.

Google is making changes to the facilities provided inside the office to increase its performance and reduce costs.  In this memo, it is said that the company plans how the free food facility will limit to all employees.

Google’s recent cost-cutting measures came months after it laid off nearly 12,000 employees. According to the company management, this step has been taken due to global economic conditions.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai admitted in a memo that the current economic reality is different and resulted in difficult decisions.  He also lamented that these changes will affect the lives of Googlers.

On the other hand, a new case has been filed against Google, the world’s largest search engine. The publishers have demanded compensation of $ 4.2 billion for their loss.

Charles Arthur, the former technology editor of the Guardian, has claimed that Google illegally used its monopoly in online advertising to reduce publishers’ profits while Google has taken the position that it will vigorously fight such false lawsuits and speculation.

Arthur claimed in the lawsuit that Google’s abuse of authority led to an increase in edtech services and the revenue from the sale of advertising by publishers was illegally reduced.

According to the lawsuit filed by Arthur, the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is currently investigating Google’s behavior in AdTech.  But they don’t have the option to get paid from Google. “We can only correct this wrongdoing through the courts,” he said.

Earlier in November last year, a similar lawsuit was filed, in which Google demanded up to 13.6 billion pounds in damages and this one is the second case against Google.


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