How can we use Chat GPT: A Complete Review

ChatGPT is designed to chat with users and answer their questions in detail even as it saves programmed chats.

use of Chat GPT
use of Chat GPT

Artificial intelligence has opened the doors to an unprecedented revolution in the world in terms of technology. One of the most used applications in recent times is Chat GPT. Open AI Company launched this app on November 30, 2022, in collaboration with Microsoft.

Its main goal is to provide users with the information they need, away from traditional search engines. Technology experts have given some important tips to the users regarding the use of Chat GPT, let’s review them.

How does Chat GPT Work?

It is a kind of robot developed using artificial intelligence technology. This program provides answers to users’ queries in different languages within seconds. Chat GPT has made many fields easier. With its help, students can solve their mathematics and physics problems immediately.

Apart from this, whether writing dialogues or essays for novel writing or coding for designing a website can be solved in seconds through ChatGPT. GPT is designed to chat with users and answer their questions in detail even as it saves programmed chats.

How to Register in Chat GPT

The OpenAI company has kept the experimental version initially launched as free, however, a monthly fee has also been set for the advanced version, which has many features that are not available to the users in the free version.

  • After logging in to the Chat GPT website, click Chat.
  • There is a facility to register or create a new account on the Home page.
  • To create an account, feed the required information including name, address, email, and password.
  • After account confirmation, a user account will be activated.
  • Now you can ask your custom questions to ChatGPT using your account and get answers to them.
  • As soon as this program was launched, millions of people created accounts on it in the first month.

However, its critics say that the new app could make students and staff lazy as it allows them to do all the research work and other tasks without any hard work.

Advantages of Chat GPT

  • Expert advice can be obtained
  • Expert translation facility
  • Answers to questions related to physics, chemistry, and other sciences
  • Direct answers to various types of questions
  • Writing and validation of program codes
  • Chat facility for fun
  • Discussion on various issues
  • Access to information on a wide range of topics.

Disadvantages of using Chat GPT

Chat GPT is being considered a revolution in the world of technology. This AI tool is proving to be a great assistant in many fields. However, according to experts, its use has many disadvantages and security issues. This is the reason why some companies have banned employees from using ChatGPT in their offices.

Lots of Mistakes

Uploading personal and work-related information to another company’s proprietary artificial intelligence platform could potentially pose a major security risk, according to technology experts. But for many people, ChatGPT is a great time and effort saver. In particular, software engineers are using ChatGPT for coding, testing and even debugging, knowing that the technology is prone to errors.

Security Risk

According to a report, about 43% of employees of companies around the world use artificial intelligence. Management of many companies is concerned that uploaded sensitive data will be stored on the servers of these AI platforms. This will adversely affect the privacy of these companies and is a major security risk for them.

Chat GPT vs. Bard

The company has estimated ChatGPT’s financial valuation at $29 billion. However, now the world’s largest technology company Google has also entered the field of AI and has emerged as a major competitor of Chat GPT. To compete with ChatGPT, Google has also introduced its AI Chat bot called Bard. It uses very advanced technology.

ChatGPT Rival Google Bard
ChatGPT Rival Google Bard

Is Chat GPT better than Google?

The answer that ChatGPT gives to your question is not necessarily completely correct. On the contrary, Google also provides links to various websites as references to the answer and information about the sources of relevant information obtained. It is also not right to blindly trust the answers you get from Chat GPT. You should also research the answers you get so that there is no chance of mistakes. Conversely, Google also codes the various sources from which it has obtained the answer to the relevant query.

Which companies have banned ChatGPT?

Among the companies that have banned ChatGPT, Samsung Electronics is the first.


Samsung has recently banned Chat GPT. The reason was simply that a software engineer pasted sensitive code onto cheat GPT.


Amazon banned ChatGPT in January and urged its developers to use its artificial intelligence robot called Code Whisperer if they wanted coding or shortcuts.


Apple has banned the use of ChatGPT for employees to prevent exposure to its confidential information. With a multi-billion dollar investment of Microsoft, Apple is developing its own AI platform to compete with ChatGPT.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Similarly, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia has also banned its employees from using ChatGPT and instructed technical staff to use a similar tool called CommBank Studio. The tool was developed in partnership with Silicon Valley tech company

Final Words

In addition, other banks and major companies including Bank of America, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo & Company, and JP Morgan have also imposed complete restrictions on the use of ChatGPT by their employees, to prevent access to their data privacy and sensitive information.


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