How ChatGPT is changing our world?

some ethical objections have been raised to its use that it can be used as a shortcut in research and educational activities

ChatGPT is changing our world
ChatGPT is changing our world

Recently, technology research company OpenAI has released the latest version of its text-generating artificial intelligence program, called GPT4.

This new version demonstrates some of the new capabilities of this language model that it did not have before. Before introducing the new model, its merits, and demerits, it is important to introduce our readers to what chat GPT, which is being discussed a lot nowadays, is actually.  We try to introduce it in simple and simple language and present some of its important functions to you and discussed how ChatGPT is changing our world.

When we asked Chat GPT the same question to introduce ourselves, the answer was: “ChatGPT is a big language model developed by OpenAI. ‘‘  The modus operandi of such language models is that they are largely taught or stored in billions of words.  Then they answer your questions based on this collected data.  To humanize these responses to the language model, the program is designed with the help of a large team in such a way that its answers do not seem mechanical.

ChatGPT can write an article for you on any topic in a few seconds, rephrasing your given text, and suggesting the best title for the written text.  The most important thing is that if you ask him the same question a hundred times, then each time he will answer you in different words, which means that there is no fear of copyright.

Experts are also expressing the possibility that ChatGPT can beat Google in the near future.  Soon after its release, ChatGPT made a splash around the world and in just five days, the number of its users reached one million.  With this concern in mind, Google launched its language model ‘Bard’, and Facebook’s owner ‘Meta’ is also working fast on it.

Importantly, Microsoft is also an important partner in OpenAI, the company that manufactures chat GPT, due to which the old competition between Google and Microsoft has resurfaced.  Microsoft has even announced to link it with its search engine ‘Bing’.  The usefulness of ChatGPT can be gauged from the fact that in the Us it also passed medical and law examinations in the early days.

Soon after its release, some ethical objections have been raised to its use that it can be used as a shortcut in research and educational activities.  Many research papers have taken ChatGPT as a co-author, showing its usefulness and effectiveness.

 The downsides of chat GPT

While this language model can be used for positive purposes, its negative aspects are also quite high.  Because it is a language model and its answers are based on the data stored in it, it does not have access to the latest information.  Because of this, its answers can be old. If we talk about Chat GPT, its knowledge is limited to September 2021.

When we asked Chat GPT who is the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, the answer was, Imran Khan.  We told him that now the government has changed and his answer was, “As far as I know, Imran Khan was supposed to remain in power till 2023, but I am not aware of the political changes that have taken place after 2021.” ‘‘  Although it is being tried to connect this language model to the Internet so that its knowledge keeps updating, in the situation so far, it is not so and you will have to rely on the old information.

Another downside to this is that sometimes the answers can be wrong or they may have an element of favoritism.  Sometimes his responses have been seen as racist or highlighting existing stereotypes about a particular group.  Although the model has been structured in such a way that it does not express its opinion, it has sometimes seemed to be happening.

Another privacy issue came up in recent days when some users complained that some things have come up in their chat history that has not been asked of them. This meant that their accounts were accessed without permission. Although it has been controlled according to the company, there are still reservations.

 Highlights of Chat GPT4

Unlike previous models, GPT4 can also process images and provide context for them.  A surprising function is to sketch any website on simple paper and feed it into it. Based on this sketch, GPT4 will give you a complete website design.

OpenAI claims that their new model can write and interpret up to 25,000 words of writing, while earlier models were difficult to write or process 1,000 words.  Major educational institutions have hired GPT-IV, after which a revolution is expected in the field of education.

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, it has been able to do many things that used to require a lot of humans before. We will continue to face this challenge in the future.  Although it is not possible for artificial intelligence to become a complete alternative to the human brain, it will pose a lot of challenges, and we have to increase our capabilities by adjusting ourselves to it day by day, otherwise, we will gradually become irrelevant.


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