How Children are being Affected by This Digital Age?

children are being affected by this digital age
children are being affected by this digital age

While social media brought together calves on the one hand, many young lives also ended on the other. This is the reason that children are being affected by this digital age.

Unfortunately or fortunately, social media service is available to every small and big person, but there are very few parents who can monitor all the activities of their children or put parental controls on their devices.

Parenteral controls are used to limit access to any device (mobile, laptop, etc.). Through them, parents can block their children’s access to pornographic or harmful websites.

As a result, you can prevent your children from accessing sites that you may find inappropriate. Most parents do not even know this option. She put the smartphone in her child’s hands.

So that the child will learn something or “stay in touch with us”, but within a few days the child is caught in satan’s claw in such a way that he sees a far away and very different world from the world in which he lived till date. In which the shape and appearance adorned with colorful carvings, strange destinations and new experiences in this world welcome it.

In this other world where the child’s heart and mind are lost, there is also an interest in knowing the mysterious events. For he then starts using the search option and goes into an endless seemingly attractive but deadly world.

The matter came to a head after the global epidemic when all educational institutions were closed and students of schools, colleges, and universities i.e. all institutions were asked to study at home.

There have been instances where either parent forcibly refused to give mobile phones and tabs to children or “innocent” parents themselves were forced to put these things in the hands of their children.

Obviously, it is the 21st century, the digital age is going on and this interest is everywhere, when this child got the mobile in his hand, all his wishes and prayers were fulfilled without asking.

The parents are thinking that the child is studying sitting in the study room, but what the child is doing no one knows. If not every household, then at least it belongs to every other third house.

It should be well kept in mind that in today’s era, even the child of the poorest family will face the digital world sooner or later.

Whether it is in the form of mobile or tablet or in the form of computer and TV screen. What needs to be considered is how to train the children of today.

Now it is the responsibility of the parents to train the child from the beginning in such a way that if the child takes the mobile in his hand even at the age of five or seven years, then he can at least avoid the “evil claws” of the internet world himself and could only use it in a positive way.

If parents can’t do this, they’ll need to install parental controls so they know what their children are doing on the device.

We can never keep our children completely away from these devices. It will be difficult but very impossible. That is why it is better that we take care of them in the best way and take care of them.

If the parents show negligence today and instead of focusing on the children, they remain engrossed in their world, then their children will fall into such darkness that it will not be possible to get out for a long time.

And in the meantime, they must have suffered such losses that their harmful effects will keep them tormented for decades. The person who steps into this world without any purpose does not know his destination or his path, and the result is only in the form of destruction.


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