How did Mbappe Overcome the Hardships of Life


Despite Argentina becoming the winner, the number of people who are calling Mbappe the real hero of the World Cup final is not less.

To understand Mbappe‘s love for football, you need to go back to his past. Wearing the number 10 shirt, Mbappe was born in Bundi, a small town north of Paris.  In the family of Mbappe, Kalyan, his father Wilfred, mother Fiza, and half-brother Jeres Kambo-Akoko lived in a residential area opposite the Bundi Football Club ground.  One of his younger brothers, Ethan, now 15, was not born until then.

There was only one road between the house and the ground. Kalyan could play with his friends on this pitch for several hours.

His father, who hails from Cameroon, was involved in the activities of the local club. He used to be the coach of various teams and he had great respect in this small football organization in Paris.

His son was not interested in anything other than football. He would just kick the football hard and wander around his father’s teams.  Everyone at home was interested in football, whether it was watching matches on TV or going to school to play matches with friends.

In Mbappe’s mind, the football match used to go on while sleeping. In his bedroom were posters of Ronaldo and Zidane, of whom he has been a fan since childhood.

As a teenager, it was beginning to appear that Kalyan had a skill. At the age of 10, it was said around Paris that a child from Bundi is a very good footballer.

Comments on his game began to pour out of Paris as well. League One and Europe’s big teams are looking for such skilled children.

But the Mbappe family had a clear plan. He wanted Kalyan to spend a few years in France, not outside the country, but he also wanted to compete with the best players of his age.

He accepted an offer from Chelsea, who started training 11-year-old Kalyan. At the age of 12, he was training at Real Madrid.  Both European clubs wanted the Ambay family to come to London or Spain. The offer was huge, which was not easy to turn down.

However, the Mbappe family wanted their child to go through the ordeal. He had proved himself many times among the young players of Paris.  At the age of 13, he joined Clare Fontaine Academy, where he spent two years. Kalyan used to play for the local club on weekly holidays.  Clubs interested in Mbappe were growing, but unlike other teammates, he spent two years there without making a decision.

He then went on to play in Monaco where he was told that he would reach his first team. He was 15 years old and he intended to do something extraordinary in football.  At the Monaco academy, he was part of the youth team and dreamed of making his Debut in the Champions League, as did his hero Ronaldo.

But his family played an important role in his success. This family does everything together. They all lived together in Monaco until Kalyan Mbappe became a star. When they felt that they were not being given a chance to join the team despite excellent training, they protested together.  In December 2015, he played his first match. At the age of 16 years and 347 days, Ambape became Monaco’s youngest player.

In February 2016, he broke his predecessor Thierry Henry’s record for the most goals scored at a young age.  No one has been able to stop them since then. In March 2017, he played his first match for France against Spain. He was only 18 years and 95 days old. In the next international match, he scored his first goal.

Since youth, big clubs have been trying to keep Mbappe in their team. Real Madrid also made great efforts. They conducted trials, friendly matches, and their meetings with Zidane and Ronaldo.  He gave up all possible offers and efforts are still on.

However, Mbappe chose the French club PSG and in return, he has won four titles in five seasons of Ligue 1.

Football has been at his feet since childhood and he answers every question with these steps.


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