How do Mobile Phones Affect Memory?

It is a kind of process to keep the brain slow and gradually reduces the space that is necessary to remember something or a thing...

mobile phones affect memory
mobile phones affect memory

In the past, poets have been praying for the memory to be taken away as a ‘punishment’, but after the advent of modern technology, the reason for such ‘arrival’ disappearing may be that the mobile phone is doing the same thing now.

According to scientific research, there is so much proof that mobile phones affect memory, the report talks about some similar points and uses the words ‘digital manipulation’ for it.

Scientists say that modern mobile phones are a major reason for memory weakness because artificial memory, like artificial intelligence, is also affecting their natural ability.

Interestingly, the mobile, which the user considers to be the main source of his memory, often forgets it somewhere, while it is common to put the mobile in which pocket.

Experts believe that what is used continues to improve as it continues and the same is the case with memory but after the arrival of the mobile, man has put the head of the mobile, shaking his head to remember many things.

As a result, memory uses decreased and thus overall memory capacity was affected and we can say mobile phones affect memory.

Before the arrival of the Smartphone, people used to remember important dates, vehicle numbers, routes used to travel, and numbers of important friends and family members which used to practice their memorization, it was also a kind of training.

The most important thing that is seen when buying a mobile nowadays is how much memory it has so that the user can save as many memories as possible, Which is obviously not a bad thing so that more data can be adjusted, but experts point out that if there is too much reliance on mobile, the memory becomes weak.

The report quotes Professor Chris Baird, who teaches cognitive neuroscience at the University of Sussex’s School of Psychology. Professor Chris Baird said, “The reason for better memory in the past was that earlier people tried to remember things and often wrote them on paper and it is considered to be the most important act to remember something.

He added, “Nowadays people raise their hands to mobile phones for anything that requires a little thought. Since those shortcuts take this work from mobile, it is a kind of process to keep the brain slow and gradually reduces the space that is necessary to remember something or a thing.

Similarly, some time ago, the British newspaper Guardian reported that neuroscientists agree that mobile phones are taking humans towards ‘digital agility’.

Catherine Lode, a professor of cognitive neuroscience at the University of Westminster, says people’s memory was more affected during the corona days.

Because during quarantine and isolation, there was an increase in the use of the internet and smart to know the news and communicate with others.

In the report, neuroscientists advised people to reduce their dependence on mobile at least for memory-related items.

Similarly, if you want to call someone, instead of going from the phone book and adding the number, dial the number directly from the keypad. Reduce the use of path-telling apps when coming and going.

Also, reduce the use of reminder apps to remember something important. It has also been told that like in the past, if a small diary is kept in the pocket and a phone number, address, date and name, etc. are recorded in it, then he remembers for a long time.


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