How much money cybercrime industry earns?

How much money cybercrime industry earns?
How much money cybercrime industry earns?

As new innovations are coming out in technology day by day, new employment opportunities for people are also increasing. Cybercrime technology has developed into a big industry, and those that engage in it now make millions of dollars every year rather than merely hundreds or thousands.


A lot of young people are lured to this undesirable area of technology. A study found that those who work in the cybercrime industry earns up to $1 million annually. A top executive at Conti (the cybercrime firm), according to the most current survey published by Trend Micro, a company that analyses cybercrime globally, can make up to $1 million annually. According to this report, some details regarding the Conti Group have been leaked, including information about their income.

Experts Opinion

Based on the leaked information, Conti Group’s revenue is estimated at $150 to $180 million annually. Trend Micro researchers say it appears that cybercrime criminals seem to have been able to create an organization that has an arrangement of internal regulations and functions like any other registered corporation. According to the report that the annual income of a small group is less than $50 million, that of a moderate group is between $50 million and $100 million, and that of a large group is more than $50 million. According to researchers at Trend Micro, the cybercrime technology market is growing very fast in its size.

Attraction for Youngsters

Due to attractive salaries and incentives, young people are increasingly getting attracted to the cybercrime industry, cybercrime is continuously increasing not only in poor and developing countries but also in developed countries, and for governments, it has become difficult to control them.

Final Words

The alarming rise in the size of the cybercrime market has raised alarm bells for governments and institutions and urgent measures to address it are the need of the hour.


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