How To Clean Your Laptop: A comprehensive Guide

clean your laptop
clean your laptop

It’s time to clean up the dust, coffee stains, and food particles if your laptop has it all too.  Most people ignore the cleaning of a laptop a few days after buying it, the dust on the screen and keyboard can also damage the laptop.  If you do not want to save money and buy a new laptop in the era of inflation, then clean your laptop at least once a week.

 Cleaning the screen with a spray bottle

First of all, take a spray bottle to clean your laptop and add isopropyl alcohol and then water to it, you can also add a little vinegar to it.  This spray is perfect for cleaning the laptop screen. Keep in mind that only use a microfiber cloth to clean the screen. Screen through microfiber dry cloth after cleaning with the wet cloth

 Cleaning the keyboard

Most of using laptops, use a keyboard, but if there is dirt in the keyboard, then this dirt can spread diseases to your nails during typing.  So cleaning the keyboard should be your priority. Use cotton or wet cloth to clean this dirt, dip the cotton in alcohol and clean the edges of the keyboard.  The keyboard can also be cleaned if you have a portable vacuum cleaner available.

If you are an electronic expert, you can also clean the keys of the laptop keyboard by removing them, but this has to be done very carefully.  If you are hesitant to do this work, then seek help from an electronic expert.

 Clean the edges of the laptop

Clean the places charging the laptop with cotton buds so that the dust and grease are cleared.

 Use a laptop bag

If you want to keep the laptop away from any scratches or stains, then use a laptop bag, this will protect the laptop from dust.


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