How to Create Videos and Increase Subscribers on YouTube


Like other countries of the world, the trend of social media use is increasing rapidly in Pakistan and thousands of young Pakistanis are trying to become YouTubers by making videos.

YouTubers and content creators in Pakistan will definitely be familiar with Irfan Junejo, while there are two million subscribers and followers on all social media platforms.

Recently, he gave some tips to new YouTubers on the completion of his 5 years of making videos on YouTube.  In which he said that anyone should take care of the most important 7 things to make a good video on YouTube and increase their subscribers.

Irfan Junejo said in a series of tweets on January 27 that five years ago he started making videos on YouTube as a hobby, but then it became his career and he started earning money from them.

According to the YouTuber, he has learned many things in the last five years and is still learning, but he wants to tell new YouTubers seven important things with his experience, keeping them in mind, they will become good videos.

 YouTubers should take care of the following seven things:

First: Audio matters more than video quality on YouTube

That is, the sound of the video uploaded on YouTube should be clear, which the listener should understand clearly.

Secondly, being satisfied is like ending the YouTube channel.

That is, no person should be satisfied with his content, he should also critically review the content he has prepared and get feedback from other people as well.

Thirdly, thumbnails and titles are as important as video.

When uploading to YouTube, the small picture that appears in the thumbnail of the video should be so attractive that the viewer must see the video as well as the title of the video, also known as the headline or title.

Fourth: The screen ratio 2:1 is the best on YouTube video.

When shooting a video for YouTube, the screen ratio is set to 2:1, then the video will be fantastic.

Fifth: Viral video is the destruction of your intelligence.

The most harmful thing for any YouTuber is that a video of him goes viral, because that video affects creativity.

Sixth: Don’t claim to be the most prominent, try to do the best.

No YouTuber should claim that they do the most outstanding work, but they should keep doing the best and unique work, it will give them a lot of things to learn.

Seventh thing: Choosing the best graphics and music

The lines and figures added within the YouTube video should be typed clearly in a good way and made part of the best music video.


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