How to speed up an Android phone?

How to speed up an Android phone?
How to speed up an Android phone?

It is certainly surprising that the mobile phone purchased from the big chow does not remain the same with the owner after some time and then the heart starts to fill, which does not take long to lead him to the idea that The phone should be changed now.

After all, what is the reason that you were not able to swell while buying a mobile, now you feel afraid to take it out of your pocket in front of people.

One of the reasons for this is new models, modern features, etc., but for most people, the reasons are something else. Because after a few months or years, the phone starts slowing and people ask How to speed up an Android phone?

Before he breaks the owner’s heart at an important point or even breaks his hand himself, there are a few things that can save you both from being separated.

The magazine Syedti, citing the Android Police report, has mentioned in detail the things that cause heartburn from the phone as well as their solution. Modern to modern mobiles are also more or less the same, most of the notch is gone, and punch holes are being installed in the middle or on the left corner.

So there are more things than appearance that make the user think about other mobiles and obviously in this era of inflation, buying a new phone is like a budget for several months.

Therefore, it is important to understand the points that are causing problems in the set.

These problems include the cheapness of mobile, obstruction in communication with others, weakening of the battery, viruses, decreased brightness, etc.

The important thing is that all this comes automatically in the phone and no one puts it from outside, but it comes from use.

If the same thing is happening on your mobile, follow these things.


Most people buy a phone and keep it running continuously for months, due to which it is not surprising to reduce the capacity of the phone, the easiest and first solution is to restart or turn off your phone.

If there are difficulties in catching internet signals or the mobile network is not working properly, restart the phone.

Restarting the phone is known as the first method of troubleshooting and experts recommend that the phone should be restarted at least once a week.


One of the reasons for the decline in the performance of the smartphone is that its storage is full. So don’t forget to remove excess or excess files from memory.

For this, the performance of the phone can be improved after a simple step by going to storage settings.

Go to the storage option and uninstall unused apps and delete junk files.

Clear up unnecessary applications

Sometimes some applications are automatically installed on the phone because often a wrong link is clicked on the internet or while downloading an app as well as some other apps.

So keep reviewing your phone almost every day and see that the applications that have been installed themselves and those that are not in use are uninstalled.

This also improves the speed of the phone.

Light Apps

If your phone is not very expensive, it will also have less storage capacity. So you do not need to put heavy apps, Because they have replacement apps available that is a lite version of them, they can be installed.

This gives almost the same features and reduces the burden on the phone.

Factory Reset

To improve the performance of the phone, a Factory reset is an essential step. Although you may not like the deletion of all important files and data, here is the solution. It should be transferred to a computer, laptop, or any other phone and the phone should be factory reset because it restores the phone to its original state, after which the performance of the phone improves.

Save battery life

Rapid battery consumption also affects mobile performance and it is quite possible that the mobile will turn off during an important task, Therefore, it is important to use it in such a way that the battery is not used too fast.

Experts also advise not to use mobile phones while charging. Similarly, the battery can also be saved by keeping brightness low or automatic, while if night mode is turned on on the phone, the battery costs less.


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