How to Use the Same WhatsApp Account on Multiple Devices

Same WhatsApp Account on Multiple Devices
Same WhatsApp Account on Multiple Devices

The messaging app WhatsApp keeps introducing new features and updates for users, but recently important updates have been introduced. WhatsApp has been working for a long time to provide support to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices at the same time and now it has finally been introduced to all users.


In early June 2021, WhatsApp was first confirmed to work on this feature. This feature was being worked on for about 2 years and was introduced to extent of tablets, but now it will be possible to use it in smartphones.

Users can now log in to more than two different phones from the same WhatsApp account.  Earlier, users could log in to only one phone from a WhatsApp account.  However, on many computers, laptops, tablets, etc., only a WhatsApp account could be lined through a browser, but now for the first time, a user could also have his WhatsApp account on 4 different mobile phones at the same time.

However, if the mobile phone that was first logged in to the WhatsApp account remains inactive for a certain period of time, then the WhatsApp account will also be logged out of other mobile phones.

How to Use the Feature?

For this purpose, install WhatsApp on any smartphone and open it. After doing this, instead of entering your phone number, click the link to exist account option. After doing this, scan the QR code through the Link A device in Settings on your main phone and your account will also start working on the other phone.

With the help of this new interesting feature, WhatsApp users will get rid of great difficulty and will be able to use the same account on different phones.  Users will have to install the application fresh to use their WhatsApp accounts on other phones. Instead of logging in normally, the user will have to press the new ‘Link to Exit Account’ option.  Doing so will reveal a QR code that the phone with the main account will scan under the ‘Link A Device’ option. This new feature will work on both iOS and Android devices.

This new feature will be beneficial for all those WhatsApp users who use more than one smartphone on a daily basis and want all their phones to be connected to the same WhatsApp account.

The phone with a WhatsApp account logged in will be called a “primary device” and will not have to be turned on to receive messages on other phones, Android tablets, or computers.  However, WhatsApp says that if the primary device remains inactive for 14 days, other devices will be logged out.

This big change in WhatsApp was announced by Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Meta Company, Mark Zuckerberg announced this important change in his Facebook post.  He told users that you can use it on 4 different mobile phones from one WhatsApp account.  In his post, he further wrote that users around the world will be able to benefit from this change in WhatsApp and this facility.

Final Words

This feature will be helpful for people who have more than one smartphone and want to connect all devices to the same WhatsApp account. With this multi-device feature, it will be possible to see one-year-old messages and files on the main phone on whichever phone WhatsApp will be opened.


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