How to Use WhatsApp’s New Features?

WhatsApp's New Features
WhatsApp's New Features

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging application owned by Meta, has introduced new features for users. WhatsApp keeps introducing new features from time to time to facilitate users and further improve the app. Now WhatsApp has introduced more new features for the interest and convenience of its users, which are available to all users. In this regard, the management of the WhatsApp Company says that the purpose of the addition of new features on WhatsApp is to provide maximum convenience and ease to users while chatting. Users can use these features by updating their WhatsApp.

Improvement to Polls Feature

In November 2022, WhatsApp introduced a feature of polling, which has now been updated and improved, and a flaw in it has been removed with the new update. After this new update, users can now poll in WhatsApp under this new feature. Users will be able to limit a person to just one vote whereas earlier in WhatsApp polls a person could vote for each option.

WhatsApp's New Features
WhatsApp’s Updated Poll Feature

How Will it be Used?

Polls have the multiple-choice option enabled by default, to use this new feature you need to disable the “allow multiple answers” option before posting the poll. In addition, you will receive a notification when other people vote on a poll you have posted, this notification will also show how many people have voted. Along with this, now in WhatsApp, users can search for polls like photos, videos, or links, and for this, they have to write polls by clicking search.

Feature to Write Captions Before Forwarding

Another feature has been improved on WhatsApp, previously you used to forward photos and videos on WhatsApp instantly, meanwhile, the photo or video you are forwarding will be sent directly to the chat. But now it will not happen. Because if you want to forward a photo or video or document to another user, then you can also write a caption on the other user’s chat before these photos and videos are forwarded.

WhatsApp's New Feature to write captions before forwarding
WhatsApp’s New Feature to write captions before forwarding

This option was not yet available in WhatsApp and will allow users to express their views on forwarding media files. This feature is easy to use, just click on the forward icon next to a file, then you will see the caption option in front of you.

Silence Option for Calls from an Unknown Number

Most of the users are worried about the strange phone calls on WhatsApp and if you haven’t silenced the phone, it disturbs you in the middle of any meeting or important conversation. The calls are very annoying but now it is possible to get rid of them. According to the report of WhatsApp Beta Info, those Android users who have updated their WhatsApp will be able to benefit from this new feature.

Silence option for calls from unknown number on WhatsApp
Silence option for calls from an unknown number on WhatsApp

How Will This Feature Work?

WhatsApp has introduced a new tool to better control the privacy of users and avoid the hassle of receiving calls from unknown numbers by introducing the silence option. Using this feature, users will be able to mute incoming calls from unknown numbers. According to the instructions issued by WhatsApp, under this new feature, users can now use this option by clicking on the privacy option in WhatsApp settings. You can mute the phone number by clicking on “silence unknown calls”. However, these numbers will appear on your calls list or notification. Under this feature, whichever unknown number calls you, you will not hear its ringtone, but the notification will definitely appear on the phone. This feature will be so helpful for you that it will also save you time and you will not have to answer unwanted phone calls again and again.

Other Interesting Features

Along with the above-mentioned new features, another great feature has been introduced in WhatsApp a few days ago, under which users will be able to convert voice messages into writing. Under this feature, as soon as a user receives a voice note, the user will be given the option at once below it that they can also change it to writing if they want. Similarly, before these features, after a long trial by WhatsApp in the past, the facility of using one account on 4 phones at the same time was introduced.


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