How we can increase mobile phone battery life

increase mobile phone battery life
increase mobile phone battery life

Are you worried about your mobile phone’s battery being down and thinking of replacing a new mobile or battery? So we will tell you some tips that can help you keep your phone’s battery safe.

You may not know that there are some options hidden in the mobile phone that can help save your phone’s battery from being wasted and you can increase your mobile phone battery life easily.

Android users can change their decision to change the battery in the era of inflation by following some of the tips below:

 Turn on Power Saving Mode

Change your phone to power-saving mode, saving your phone’s battery from being wasted. Click settings on your device then click the battery and then click battery entry and power saving mode.

 Reduce screen light

The light of the smartphone is also dangerous for the eyes, its rays can affect the eyesight. To reduce the light on your mobile phone’s screen.  First, go to the display settings and reduce the screen light, it is best to put this feature on auto so that the mobile automatically becomes less light without need. Mobile phone light wastes 10% of battery.

 Keeping the mobile phone on charging overnight

This problem is common in that mobile users use the phone even after going to bed and when they start sleeping, they put the phone on charge, which is on charge all night.  Even after the phone is fully charged, allowing it to remain on the charger for the whole night proves to be disastrous for the battery on a long-term basis.

When our smartphone is 100% charged and still on the charger, the pressure on the battery increases, resulting in its life decreasing.

 Keep your mobile away from a hot and cold places.

If your mobile is placed in a hot or cold place, it is harmful to your mobile’s battery.

Leaving the mobile phone in the car is the biggest folly, having a car in a hot place can affect the mobile.


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