How we can use WhatsApp on Smartwatches?

To use WhatsApp on a smartwatch, the most recent Android beta version of the app must be downloaded from the Google Play Store

WhatsApp on Smartwatches
WhatsApp on Smartwatches

Now, WhatsApp can only be used on mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops. On smartwatches, however, users will soon be able to access this popular Meta software. According to the source, WhatsApp has created official software for Android users’ smartwatches running the Wear OS operating system, which is presently in beta.

Wear OS

Wear OS is an Android operating system designed specifically for smartwatches. Users with smartwatches will be able to send text and audio messages using this software.

In the beginning, Pixel Watch and Galaxy Watch 5 users will be able to use WhatsApp on smartwatches. Right now, WearOS users can react to WhatsApp messages through notifications, but it is not possible for them to send messages. In the WearOS app, users will be able to search for current chats and history, while also sending text or voice messages.

How to download WhatsApp smartwatch app?

Download the most recent WhatsApp beta for Android from the Google Play Store to utilize the wristwatch app if you’re a beta tester. An 8-digit code that needs to be typed into the device will appear when you link the smartwatch app to your WhatsApp account. Users can begin using WhatsApp on the smartwatch after entering the code, which secures the sync of their chat history to the gadget.

Not Compatible with WhatsApp Business app

This is also part of WhatsApp’s feature that supports multiple devices and all messages on the smartwatch will have end-to-end encryption protection.  However, even after installing the most recent upgrades, the smartwatch app will not be available for the WhatsApp Business app.

Final Words

To use WhatsApp on a smartwatch at this time, the most recent Android beta version of the app must be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The potential for WhatsApp to be used on smartwatches via Wear OS is a significant development because it will provide people with another platform to use in addition to smartphones and tablets. The ability to use WhatsApp on Smart Watches will be a huge convenience for users given its rising popularity. Some capabilities, such as the capacity to watch videos and make calls, might not be accessible to users at this time given that this is the software’s initial version. It is believed that they will be made public soon, though.


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