Increasing Use of Social Media, Are You also a Victim of FOMO?

Victim of FOMO
Victim of FOMO

Social media has become a part of life and people have thousands of friends on it. They discuss, and exchange pictures,  However, can these contacts or relationships be a replacement for the friendships or relationships that surround us and we are also giving their time to social media?

In this article, we compare these two issues to see how much social media affects mental and physical health and to what extent it should be used.

 Take your review

If you feel sadness, dissatisfaction, and loneliness after spending hours on social media, you need to review your behavior, and you may be a victim of FOMO.

What is FOMO?

This is an abbreviation for the English word ‘Fear of Missing Out’, which is what makes you raise your hand towards the mobile while driving,  even while going to the washroom, it is necessary to take the mobile with them.

One of the reasons for this fear is that if you are not fully aware of what is going on on social media, you may not be able to join the discussion in the office and this can make you ‘lazy or unaware’.

victim of FOMO
victim of FOMO

 The negative aspects of social media

Enough Research has been conducted to examine the long-term effects of social media on mental health. It shows that those who spend too much time on it can be attracted to depression, anxiety, loneliness, and other harmful things.


Everyone knows that the images on social media are not necessarily real. Because mostly filters etc. are used for them. So it is better not to compare anyone with you.

 Post by Post

Similarly, all people keep most of the bright aspects in the highlights of their lives. They avoid sharing negative things which makes the user feel that all the problems are only with him. And the rest of the world is happy which leads them to disappointment in the future.

 A feeling of loneliness

A recent study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania found that excessive use of Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram increases the feeling of ‘loneliness’ to some extent.

victim of FOMO
victim of FOMO

 Face-to-face dialogue

Face-to-face contact is required for humans to be mentally healthy and online chatting or reading a message from the person with whom you meet and talk can not work for you.

 Disinformation Propaganda

These things are also going on on social media, including rumors. Sometimes, the purpose of this is to achieve their specific goals. Platforms like Twitter are also using to create painful rumors and false trends. Which also have emotional and psychological effects on their users.

 Low sleepiness

By the way, addicted people of social media are connected to it all day. They have to stay online late at night, Which affects sleep. Looking at the laptop and phone screen for a long time also causes vision problems.

victim of FOMO
victim of FOMO


Therefore, experts say, it is negative and very harmful to connect to social media at all times. They recommend proper use while emphasizing specifying a time for it.


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