Lionel Messi Likely to Return to Barcelona Club

Messi return to Barcelona
Messi return to Barcelona

Lionel Messi’s chances of returning to Barcelona have brightened after his contract with Paris Saint-German club expired. Barcelona has stepped up efforts to regain Lionel Messi.

Barcelona’s vice president Rafael Euste confirmed the news that  Lionel Messi return to Barcelona.

Rafael said that “Messi knows how much we admire him. I would welcome his return to the club. Of course, we are in touch with them. His family knows what my feelings are for him. ‘‘

Rafael Yoste said Messi had agreed to a new deal with Barcelona two years ago for lower remuneration, but it depended on the club selling players following new financial rules.

“This agreement was not implemented in time and Lionel Messi’s spell at the club ended, Barcelona club won four Champions League and 10 La Liga titles and 6 annual Ballons d’Or awards under Lionel Messi.

Rafael also said that he took part in the negotiations with Lionel Messi, which unfortunately did not yield any results and he has always regretted that Lionel Messi had to leave our club.

Lionel Messi has scored 29 goals in 66 matches for Paris Saint-Germain.  Lionel Messi was the top scorer in Barcelona’s history with 672 goals in 778 games and he separated from Barcelona in 2021 due to financial reasons.

Lionel Messi’s two-year contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires this year and his priority will likely be affiliation with the French club, but Barcelona club is also trying to welcome the great footballer.

Apart from this,  Lionel Messi has won another title after completing 800 goals. FIFA World Cup winner captain has completed 800 goals in his career and completed a century of international goals against Curesa and won another title.

During the match against Curesa, Messi completed a century of international goals as well as scored a hat-trick of goals, and also became the first player to score a century of international goals for his country.

After completing 100 goals in international football, Lionel Messi has reached the third position in the list of top players who have scored the most goals.  He is 15 goals behind Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo and just seven goals behind Iran’s Ali Dayi.


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