Meta Decided to Hit Twitter

The app is based on Instagram and will be connected to a decentralized social media protocol called ActivityPub.

Meta has decided to hit Twitter
Meta has decided to hit Twitter

Meta, the company that owns Facebook, has been working for months to bring a social media platform to compete with Twitter. Now the first and clear glimpse of this social media app developed on the Twitter competition has come out.

The images of this application show that the platform Facebook will be exactly like Twitter. It is very clear to see this new social media app that Meta has decided to hit Twitter.

Project 92

A report has revealed the design and user interface of this app. This app has a codename of project92. Only employees of the company operate this app called Project 92.

A Meta spokesperson confirmed the development of the new Twitter-style platform, saying his company is looking into the new social network for sharing text updates. “We believe this will provide an opportunity for a separate space where creators and public figures can share timely updates about their interests,” the spokesperson said.

Meta’s point of view

Chris Cox, chief product officer of Meta, explained the new social media platform and said that the coding work on the new platform is ongoing. According to him:

  • The app is based on Instagram and will be connected to a decentralized social media protocol called ActivityPub.
  • User details will be collected using Instagram’s account system for this app.
  • Creators and public figures who are interested in such a platform and are ready to trust and rely on our service.
  • The company’s goal is to make the app easy to use.
  • This app will give priority to user protection.
  • The coding work for this app started in January and hope Meta will introduce it very soon.

Launching Plan of this App

Meta’s new social media application is still under development. Its name has yet to be finalized and no final date has been given for its introduction. Meta has decided to hit Twitter by introducing its new social media platform in the next few months. However, it can also be possible that management decides to delay it for one year.

Name of this App

According to a report, the suggested name for this app is “Threads”.

  • Users will be able to follow all the accounts they are already following on Instagram.
  • Additionally, users will likely be able to import followers from Mastodon.

2 Billion Users

Meta claims to have nearly 2 billion users. However, this Meta data cannot be verified.

Wrong Information on Twitter

Critics say that the spread of wrong information on Twitter has increased. In contrast, Elon Musk claims that there is less misinformation on his app since he took over.

Blue Sky

Earlier, the former founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey, and his team also introduced a social media application “Blue Sky” in competition with Twitter which was well-liked by the users.


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