Meta Launches New App Threads

The number of users of Mark Zuckerberg's new platform "Threads" crossed 10 million in a few hours.

Threads, Meta Launches New App
Threads, Meta Launches New App

Twitter owned by Elon Musk has faced a new threat as now Meta has entered the arena to hit it. Meta, the company that owns social media platforms Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, has launched its new application “Threads” to compete with Twitter. Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Meta Company, welcomed users by posting the first post on the new app “Threads”. Threads can be a new social media platform for users who are unhappy with the recent changes on Twitter. It is hoped that Meta’s new app will be able to attract users who are unhappy with Twitter.

Introducing Meta’s New App

According to Meta’s announcement, this new app “Threads” is called the initial version. It is planned to add more features to it. Threads will also have the ability to connect people with other social media apps.

Twitter killer App

“Threads” is a text-based conversation app. It is also being called the Twitter killer app on social media. It is believed that the use of Twitter will decrease after the launch of “Threads”. Keep in mind that in the last few months, Elon Musk’s decisions have hit Twitter hard. And many big personalities have left it for alternative apps.

How to Login

  • After downloading the application from Play Store, click on the option to log in with Instagram.
  • Users will log into Threads using their Instagram account.
  • After logging in, the bio and display picture of the “Threads” account can be changed.
  • The Instagram username will remain the same but there will be an option to customize the profile for threads.
  • Users will also be able to choose to follow accounts they follow on Instagram.
  • If your account is verified on Instagram, your Threads account will also be verified.

What are the Features of “Threads”?

  • Many of the features in the new social media app Threads are similar to those found on Twitter.
  • The dashboard of this new Meta app is very similar to Twitter.
  • Any post from Threads can be shared on Instagram and any Instagram post can be shared on this app.
  • The writing of a post will consist of 500 words and only a 5-minute video can be posted.
  • Threads users can post short text that other users can like, repost and reply to.
  • However, one user cannot send a direct message to another user.
  • Users can see a list of their followers’ posts and other content.
  • With this app, you can control who can mention you.
  • Replies to posts containing certain words can be filtered.
  • It is possible to block, restrict or report other profiles on this app.
  • Accounts you block on Instagram will automatically be blocked on Threads.

What does the App Store Say?

“Threads is where communities gather to discuss the topics you care about today and what will be trending tomorrow,” says the app’s description in the App Store. It is a text-based conversation app.

Zuckerberg’s First Tweet After 12 Years

Meta Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg mocked Elon Musk in his first tweet after a decade. A few hours after Threads was introduced, Mark Zuckerberg posted a picture on Twitter, In which 2 Spider-men are pointing fingers at each other. This is Mark Zuckerberg’s first tweet since 2012. There was no caption on it and it has been viewed almost a million times so far.

Controversy on Threads
Controversy on Threads

Elon Musk’s Response to Threads

Twitter owner Elon Musk slammed Instagram for launching a new Meta app. In his tweet, he described it as an expression of fake happiness.

Consumer Perception

After introducing Threads, Mark Zuckerberg also answered users’ questions on the app. He asked a user to expect that Threads would be better than Twitter. He said that there should be a public discussion app for more than a billion people. Twitter had its chance but it didn’t succeed, hopefully,  we will succeed.

How to Download “Threads”

It can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play Store in over 100 countries, including the UK. However, due to some regulatory concerns, Threads cannot currently be used in EU countries.

Twitter’s Popularity

It should be noted that even before this, many apps of this type have come to the fore compared to Twitter. Prominent among them are Truth Social, Mastodon, and BlueSky. But these apps need help attracting users as compared to Twitter. For this reason, users have not yet been removed from the charm of Twitter. That’s why Twitter is still one of the most popular apps around the world.

Significance of “Threads”

Meta has linked threads to Instagram because there are already hundreds of millions of users. And this is the significant advantage of Threads over these apps.


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