Meta, Ready To fire 10,000 employees


Facebook’s owner Meta has announced to lay off 10,000 more employees this year due to economic pressure. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in an email to his employees that Meta in the next few months.

According to foreign media, the world’s largest social media network is taking steps to reduce the number of employees on a large scale after last year, before Meta laid off 13 percent of its employees in November last year and due to this action 11000 employees lost their jobs.

Media reports said that Meta is also working on the company’s management structure, which is also planning cost-cutting of packages given at the manager level, which will affect thousands of employees. In different media reports, it is said Meta is taking these steps to achieve financial goals and no official statement has been issued in this regard so far, however, it is being said that Meta will implement it in the coming days.

According to meta’s chief, the cuts in employees will be done from the middle management level, most of the cuts will be announced in April and May and some cases by the end of the year.

Media reports said that Meta Company is also facing severe economic pressure due to the global change in economic conditions after the Corona epidemic.

Meta also announced 11,000 dismissals in November last year.

On the other side, A Meta spokesperson confirmed in a statement that the company is working on building a platform based on decentralization technology.

According to the spokesman, work on the platform is still in the initial stages and there is enough to present it.

It is believed that the website created by Meta to compete with Twitter will not be exactly like Twitter, but its main features will be the same as Twitter. Meta already features from other platforms.
It is believed that the platform will be introduced by Facebook by next year and the platform is likely to give a tough fight to Twitter.


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