Mobile Phone Battery Charge in 5 Minutes

mobile phone battery charge in 5 minutes
mobile phone battery charge in 5 minutes

Battery full in five minutes, when will the launch of mobile phones equipped with new technology?

Redmi, a subsidiary of Chinese company Xiaomi, has set a record for the fastest charging of mobile phone batteries and it is claimed by the company that this mobile phone battery charge in 5 minutes only.  Developed such a fast charging technology that can fill up to 100% of the complete empty mobile battery in less than five minutes.

The report quoted a video posted on the Chinese social network Weibo as saying: That is it Redmi has shown the revised version of its upcoming Note 12 Discovery being charged, whose battery is 1400 mAh instead of 4300 mm.

The video shows that in just two minutes and 11 seconds, the charger was able to fill the battery to 50 percent while in the next two minutes, the entire battery was filled, which is a recorded charging speed and the fastest speed for battery charging in the world and the record is that mobile phone battery charge in 5 minutes.

mobile phone battery charge in 5 minutes
mobile phone battery charge in 5 minutes

Redmi has defeated the original versions of the Note 12 Discovery and Note 12 Discovery editions of its own vibration thanks to this technology, the report said. Because they had a record of filling the entire battery in nine minutes with a power of 240 watts.

This technology has also defeated other Chinese companies in terms of battery charging speed, including the Realme GT3. It was announced every day that he has created a technology that will charge the mobile in less than 10 minutes.

The new technology is expected to be seen in Redmi’s upcoming mobile phones, which will be launched in the second half of the year.

Fast charging technology increases the energy going from the charger to the mobile. Normal and conventional chargers provide low output voltage and current, which takes several hours for the battery to fully charge.

On the other hand, high-speed charging technology provides more voltage and current output, which makes the battery charge faster.

The important thing about this technology is that it works by adjusting the voltage and output of the charger as needed and it is not likely to heat the battery or cause any other damage.

It also includes features such as overvolt and current protection and temperature control.

Different types of phones use different types of charging technology, including Qualcomm Quique, OnePlus Warp Charge, Huawei Super Charge, and others, but they all work on the same principle.

Xiaomi is a major technology company in China, whose phones have huge sales around the world, its recently released budget phones Redmi Note 12, Note 12 Pro, and Note 12 Plus was also well-received by consumers. While they are waiting in the countries where they have not yet been released.


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