Ronaldo ‘unhappy’ with al-Nasr club coach

Ronaldo 'unhappy' with al-Nasr club coach
Ronaldo 'unhappy' with al-Nasr club coach

Portugal legend Cristiano Ronaldo’s inclusion in the Saudi Pro League was seen as the biggest news in the world of sports earlier this year,  However, three months later, al-Nasr club is second on the points table of the tournament and Ronaldo appeared to be very unhappy on the field in the club’s drawn last match.

The last one year has been extraordinary for Ronaldo and during this time there have been disputes with his own team coaches, even fans of opposing teams.  However, according to reports at the moment, Ronaldo ‘unhappy’ with al-Nasr club coach Rudy Garcia and is also contacting other coaches for the next season. One of the reasons for this is that Saudi team Al-Nasr is currently second on the points table.

It should be noted that joining the Champions League, the biggest tournament of club football, can only happen if the club wins the Saudi Pro League.  Ronaldo did not play in the Champions League last year because premier league team Manchester United could not qualify for the Champions League at that time.

Ronaldo’s disputes with coaches are nothing new. Manchester United coach Eric ten Hag had bitterness, which he revealed in an interview.  Ronaldo was then dropped by Fernando Santas from the first team in the Football World Cup 2022,  After which Ronaldo seemed unhappy in this regard, and when Portugal lost to Morocco, Ronaldo was seen leaving the field crying on camera.

So far, Ronaldo has played 12 matches for Al-Nasr, in which he has scored 11 goals.

Earlier, Al Nasr also lost in the semi-finals of the Arabian Super League and is now three points behind football club Al-Ittehad in the points table  and there are only seven more matches left in the tournament at the moment.

In the last match, Al-Nasr drew the match with Alfiha, who is currently 11th on the points table, and after that match Ronaldo could be seen leaving the field in anger.  Ronaldo’s reaction is being discussed a lot on social media.

Ronaldo’s inclusion in the Saudi Pro League is not only seen in terms of the game but also politically.  In such a situation, his strength in this league and this team is being seen more than any coach or management person.

In response to this, users talked about Ronaldo in the past and mentioned the coaches who were allegedly removed due to Ronaldo in the past.

One user joked that Ronaldo has a problem with every coach, so ‘now the team should keep him as the coach.’ ‘

One user wrote, “I didn’t know that Cristiano Ronaldo is actually the name of a club. ‘

How will Saudi Arabia benefit from Ronaldo?

According to reports, Ronaldo is receiving more than 177 million pounds annually from al-Nasr club, the highest salary in the history of football.  After signing Cristiano Ronaldo, Al-Nasr tweeted, “History is being made.  This agreement will not only lead our club to great success, but will also encourage our league, our country and future generations, boys and girls to do their best.” ‘

Of course, this deal has made Ronaldo the highest-paid footballer in history, but Saudi Arabia can also benefit from his world fame.  It should be remembered that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was seen with FIFA chief GV Infantino several times during the Qatar World Cup.  In 2016, sports were made a priority under Mohammed bin Salman’s Vision 2030.

The Middle East Economy website wrote on the occasion of Ronaldo’s joining that Ronaldo could strengthen Saudi Arabia’s bid to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup.  Especially since ronaldo’s arrival, the entire attention of the media has now turned to Saudi football.


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