Unconventional Methods of Exercise

When you are running to catch a bus or standing in line to submit the bill, then it will also be called exercise

unconventional methods of exercise
unconventional methods of exercise

Of course, exercise is essential for human health, because living a healthy and happy life depends on exercise but in this article, we are talking about unconventional methods of exercise which are the need of the time.

Sweating can be very useful for staying physically fit and increasing mental performance. Due to this, positive changes appear in the body, and immunity increases, which helps us stay away from diseases. Also, with the help of unconventional methods of exercise, you can look fit and smart and be healthy too.

There is no age limit for exercise, it is beneficial and important for everyone from children to the elderly because it not only keeps you physically and mentally active, In fact, according to medical experts, age can also be increased due to this.

Despite this, however, we generally have little tendency to exercise, one of the major reasons for which may be lack of time or maybe even gym fees.

Today, every person is moving so fast in the mechanical circle of his life that he does not even have time to stop for a few moments and breathe, so where should he take time for exercise? However, there is no denying the fact that due to this wrong behavior of ours, the majority of our population is suffering from various physical and mental problems.

The physical features have become disorganized, the stomach is protruding from the fat climb on the body, while on the other hand, various diseases surround.

However, in this case, we have good news those who are not able to exercise due to lack of time or any other reason, do not need to worry or get into any hard work.

What is exercise? Exercise is such a body movement that causes the body’s muscles to work better and during this process can help to burn the calories present in the body.

According to a new study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, any type of physical activity counts for your health. In other words, we can say that if you are running to catch a bus or standing in line to submit the bill, then it will also be called exercise.

What experts have called unconventional exercise, for which you do not need to go to a gym or give regular time for exercise? So let us tell you in the light of modern research how, where, and when these unconventional methods of exercise can be used.

Basket instead of the spine for shopping

Big stores have spines to buy goods so that instead of carrying loads themselves, they can be kept in them, but Dr. Mary V. Ende, a well-known trainer from New Jersey (USA) says, you should use a basket instead of a spine for shopping because doing so will not only strengthen your shoulders but walking with a load will move your body muscles overall.

So the next time you go shopping at a store, pick up the basket in hand instead of the luggage-carrying spine.


You lift something by bending down several times a day, sometimes lifting your child, tying a shoe, sometimes placing something under the bed, so in doing so, it is important to take care that while bending down, what is the position of your body.

unconventional methods of exercise
unconventional methods of exercise

Richard Sullivan, a senior American fitness specialist, says that instead of pushing the waist while bending, sit fully down through your legs and pull your stomach while sitting. This will not only keep your stomach but also your back out.

Physical State

While standing upright is a daunting task but it is a great thing for better body composition. Fitness specialist Richard Sullivan says it is very important to maintain a good body position while standing, sitting, or walking.

Engage multiple muscles of your body while walking, sitting, or standing, such as pressing the belly, and pulling your shoulders back and down, By doing this, the overall structure of your body will be greatly improved.

Face-to-face messages instead of using Technology

Dr. David Goviner, a surgeon and co-founder of NYC Surgical Associates in New York City (USA), says that modern technology such as computer internet or mobile has helped humans save time. But all these things are not a favor to your back because the use of modern technology saved your time, but due to lack of physical movement, there has been some medical damage.

So if you want to give a message to someone in your neighborhood, then instead of email or phone message, go and talk to him because doing so will not only give you a little exercise. In fact, you will also feel a pleasant change by meeting another person face-to-face, which will also lead to better work relationships.

Body Muscle Strain Before Leaving the Bed

Taking numbness or moving body muscles before leaving bed early in the morning is not just for a character in a movie, drama, or cartoon, in fact, according to Dr. Groner, after waking up in the morning, creating tension in the muscles of the body before getting out of bed, such as taking a nap, is one of the most useful and easiest exercises for health. Because doing so awakens your body and brain, this process increases the blood flow to the muscles and the ability to make nutrients a part of the body.

Office Work

Offices usually do not take any measures regarding people’s health because it is a places to work, However, through exercise, you can create such opportunities on your own to maintain your health and improve your body structure.

Like if you have a printer in your office and you need to print frequently, try to keep the printer away from yourself so you have to go there while walking. According to American trainer and physician Dr. Crystal Oram, this activity can be very beneficial for you.

Taking Meetings while Walking

While working in the office, your health can also be taken care of in such a way that instead of sitting face-to-face, fix it in a place where you can get some opportunity to walk together or at least have to do the meeting standing.

According to experts, walking increases your creativity,

unconventional methods of exercise
unconventional methods of exercise

so you can do more and better work in the office.


A Short Break at Work

Walking a few steps and taking deep breaths for some time while being mentally free relieves mental stress on the one hand. So on the other hand it has positive effects on the whole body, so a few short breaks at times throughout the day is the best thing you can do for your body and soul.

Dr. Crystal Oram further says that a few short breaks during work throughout the day are very useful, so download such an app on your mobile for this work, that kept reminding you about the break and whenever the phone reminder bell rings, immediately leave everything.

Standing on the Claws

Acquaintances know that dancers’ shins are very strong because they dance and dance has more emphasis on the paws instead of the whole foot, but you do not have to be a dancer to do so, Rather, you can do this activity only during your daily tasks, such as standing in line to submit a bill, So at this time you put weight on the paws repeatedly instead of the whole foot and lift the heel, then it will give you the same benefit that a dancer is getting or someone is working hard to strengthen the shins in the gym.

Excessive use of water

Dr. George Balamo, an American trainer and medical expert, explains that lying on a table full of water at home or office all the time is a great function for hydration but you have to go a step further and that step is to take a break to drink water.

unconventional methods of exercise
unconventional methods of exercise

That is, use more water, but for this, every time you get up and go to the cooler or tong during this time keep moving your neck, arms, waist, and legs.

This activity will give you double benefits, one is that your body will be protected from dehydration, and secondly, by every movement of the body’s muscles, it will work even better and you will have a great day.

Use of a Second-Floor Bathroom

Dr. Balamo adds that drinking more water will definitely make you feel the need to go to the bathroom again and again, so instead of using the bathroom near you, go to the second floor, because climbing and descending stairs is a great exercise, which eliminates the calories inside the body quickly and you can get rid of problems like obesity.

Pedometer (step measuring device)

The first thing to achieve this goal is that you do not need to take an expensive pedometer, but by taking a cheap pedometer, you can tie it to the wrist yourself. Secondly, nowadays, such an app is downloaded on mobile, which shows you how many steps you have taken today.

Applying a pedometer will encourage you to walk more inside you because when you see that today you have taken 10,000 steps or 10,000 to 200 degrees less, you naturally try to fulfill them and that will be the best exercise for you.

unconventional methods of exercise
unconventional methods of exercise

According to a study published in the medical journal Plos Medicine, the act of counting steps on a daily basis encourages you to be more active, and even after some time your heart expresses a desire to walk more than itself, but you will feel much better physically.


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