User’s access to ChatGPT restored in Italy

ChatGPT restored in Italy
ChatGPT restored in Italy

The Italian Data Protection Authority banned the ChatGPT chatbot in early April over privacy concerns. OpenAI, the manufacturer of ChatGPT, said it has successfully resolved the issues. The Italian Data Protection Authority (GARANTE) temporarily suspended the application and investigated various violations.

Garante said it would continue fact-finding activities on OpenAI under the supervision of an ad-hoc task force set up by the European Data Protection Board. But now that all the concerns are removed, the user’s access to the ChatGPT restored in Italy.

Millions of people have used ChatGPT since its launch in November 2022. Microsoft has spent billions of dollars on it and was included in Bing.

Reasons to Ban:

Earlier this month, the ban on ChatGPT was lifted by Italy’s Data Protection Authority (GARANTE) due to various concerns and now internet users’ access to ChatGPT has been restored in Italy.

An investigation was launched by Garante against ChatGPT on various complaints and allegations of violation of laws. One of the allegations against ChatGPT was that there is no method to verify the age of users using it in this application. To solve this problem, ChatGPT manufacturer OpenAI has announced that it will introduce a separate tool to verify the user’s age in the application for this purpose.

In this regard, the Italian Data Protection Authority said that all the steps taken by OpenAI are commendable and we hope that the company continues to work to resolve the issues and remove the objections and more will be done in the future.

The stance of Open AI:

OpenAI, the manufacturer of ChatGPT, says that after overcoming all the objections and problems, the ChatGPT application in Italy has been fully restored for users.

It should be remembered that OpenAI, the company that makes the artificial intelligence application ChatGPT, also has full support and support from Microsoft. ChatGPT uses artificial intelligence to answer users’ questions. OpenAI, the company that developed it, says that Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, will also be included in this application, greatly increasing its usefulness.

Final Words

After the increasing popularity of ChatGPT, Google has also decided to enter the field of artificial intelligence and has introduced an application called Bard in comparison but this application has been reserved for use only for users aged 18 years and above.


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