What does Bill Gates have to say about AI?

Bill Gates thinks that the positive effects of AI technology will be more than negative things

What does Bill Gates have to say about AI?
What does Bill Gates have to say about AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is gaining popularity swiftly, and some individuals worry that this might be bad for humans. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has since expressed his opinions on the matter. Bill Gates expressed concerns about the pace of development of AI technology in an interview, but Bill Gates say about AI that he thinks it will not be right to stop the work of further improving the new technology. The creation of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, he continued, was one of the most important technological advancements in recent years.

AI: Game-Changing Technology

Bill Gates said that he believes that AI is a game-changing technology and its impact on the future will be much more significant, but at the same time, we all fear that bad characters can access this technology and despite all these concerns, work on this technology should continue. Bill Gates disagreed with the demand of many prominent personalities in the field of technology, including Elon Musk, to stop working on AI technology and said that you can stop good people. Still, it is not possible to control everyone, which will harm us.

Concerns about AI

He expressed concern that bad people’s access to this technology could have negative effects, but he said that governments and regulators should play a role in this regard. He said that AI technology has surprised us with its capabilities and it will transform many industries. Bill Gates thinks that the positive effects of artificial intelligence technology will be more than negative things. The Microsoft co-founder praised the ChatGPT software, saying that its new version is better than ever.


This is not the first time Bill Gates has expressed enthusiasm for AI technology. Earlier in April, while addressing a conference, Bill Gates predicted that within a year and a half, AI chatbots will be helping children read and write and prove to be as good teachers as human beings. Bill Gates said that the current era chatbots have a lot of ability to read and write and within the next few months, students will be able to improve their skills with their help. Bill Gates expressed concerns about the pace of development of artificial intelligence in an interview, but Bill Gates says about AI that he thinks it will not be right to stop the work of further improving the new technology, that so far teaching writing for computers has proved to be a very difficult task because they are not able to analyze like humans.

AI Technology as a Teacher

The Microsoft co-founder said that change is coming now and that using AI technology as a teacher will reduce costs. In a blog post in March 2023, Bill Gates described AI technology as important as microprocessors, personal computers, the internet, and mobile phones. He said that this technology will change people’s work, learning, travel, medical care, and communication with each other. Bill Gates called on governments around the world to work with the technology industry to limit the risks associated with AI.

Talking about preparing for ChatGPT, Bill Gates said that he challenged the Open AI team in 2022 to develop an AI tool that could pass the Advanced Placement Biology exam. Only a few months later, the team developed a chatbot that achieved an almost perfect score. After this test, Bill Gates tasked this tool to write about the response of the father of a sick child and the co-founder of Microsoft was surprised to see the response of this tool. According to Bill Gates, the response to this tool was better than the response of many people.


He further said “I knew at that time that I had witnessed another important development in the world of technology after graphical user interface (GUI). It should be mentioned that Microsoft and Apple created the Windows and Mac operating systems with GUI in the 1980s, which made access to personal computers quite simple for individuals all over the world. Bill Gates believes that AI technology is as big a development as GUI. He said that this technology can prove to be very important for poor countries, where it can help health workers.

Final Words

Bill Gates’s Microsoft has invested billions of dollars in OpenAI, which introduced the AI chatbot called ChatGPT in November 2022. Microsoft has also made Chat GPT a part of its search engine, browser, and other services. ChatGPT is a chatbot designed to answer questions like humans online. It has proved to be the fastest-growing app in history, whose number of monthly users reached 100 million in just two months. In fact, in terms of popularity, ChatGPT has overtaken TikTok, Instagram, and other popular apps in the world. Ever since the introduction of ChatGPT and its popularity has increased day by day, all major technology companies, including Google, have been working on similar chatbots and now Google has also launched its AI chatbot under the name Bard.


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