what should be avoided in the interview?

It is important to get as much information as possible about the field and the company before the interview...

Your style should be balanced
Your style should be balanced

Before the job interview, you will find many people who will tell you ‘do this, do that, say this’, etc and no one says what not to do and what not to say in the interview.

The report identifies points that should be avoided in the interview as they can keep you away from this job. That’s why experts say about some things, ‘Don’t do it at all.

Lack of information about the company

If there is not much information about the company you have gone to interview, then it is a negative thing and it shows disinterest. Therefore, it is important to get as much information as possible about the field and the company before the interview.

Hate the previous job

No matter how unhappy you may have been in the place where you have worked before, there is absolutely no need to express it openly, Maybe the interviewer will also try to do this, in response to which he expresses good thoughts, such as there was a good environment, there was a lot to learn.

In response to this, it is better to say that the company (where you are giving interviews) is a very good company that you want to be a part of. Doing evil to the previous company will make your impression negative to the interviewer.

Avoid only yes or no.

Efforts should be made that when asked something, the answer should not be only yes or no because the interviewer wants to form an opinion about you by giving you a chance to speak.

This gives you an opportunity to test your creativity.  Just half-small words can reduce your chances.

To the Point

Avoiding yes or no does not mean that the conversation should be given unnecessary length, try to be limited to what is asked in response. If you think you can influence them by speaking too much, it can also go against you.

Avoid lying

Although there is some exaggeration between the CV and the interview, avoid claiming control over anything or work that you cannot do. Such questions are usually asked by interviewers, that’s how accurately you make a statement.

What you don’t know or can’t know about can be expressed in some words: ‘The purpose of coming to this company is to learn this and if you get the opportunity, you will be happy.

Politics and Religion

These two are sensitive topics and they do not have to be agreed with your views, so do not express your views during the conversation even if something is asked about them it can be said with an open heart that everyone has their own opinion about them and respects all of you.

If your opinion is asked on this, then you should express your views in a very appropriate manner without expressing any hatred.

Criticism of the previous boss

It may be true that you are not happy with your current or previous boss and there may be many reasons for this, but you do not necessarily mention them during the interview.

Similarly, it is not appropriate to criticize other seniors as well.

If this happens, it can affect your perception of yourself and you can even lose a job because the one who is interviewing you is also someone’s boss.

Don’t get angry

Many times the interviewer asks a question that may make you angry but does not do so because he asks this question so that you can be checked. So be mentally prepared for such a thing.

Balanced style

Your style should not be too spontaneous and not too artificial, it should not make it seem like you need this job too much and there should not be an impression that this job does not matter much to you.


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