WhatsApp introduces 3 new features for users

WhatsApp introduces 3 new features for users
WhatsApp introduces 3 new features for users

WhatsApp has introduced three new features for users’ security so that users’ privacy can be better protected.  According to the meta-owned messaging app, these features will give users better protection during online messaging, these features are named “Account Protect“, “Device Verification” and “Automatic Security Codes“.  The features are aimed at making End-to-end encrypted messages of WhatsApp users and their accounts more secure.

The company said in a blog post that these features will give users more control over their messages and these three features will be available to consumers in the coming months.

According to the report, these features have been made available for both iOS and Android.  Account Protect verifies the user while “logging in” to the new device and has been introduced to protect the device from verification viruses, etc while through a feature called automatic security codes, users will be able to know which person they are chatting with. To access this feature, you have to go to ‘Contex Info’ in the Encryption tab.

The user verifies when logging in to a new device in the Account Protect feature,  that is, under this feature, when a user switches his account from one device to another device, it will be verified by WhatsApp.

Device Verification

This feature will protect the WhatsApp account when a hacker has taken control of the device.  According to the company, mobile device malware is one of the major threats to people’s privacy and security because it can be used to send unnecessary messages to the WhatsApp account on the phone without permission.  This new feature will thus prevent attempts to control the WhatsApp account.  For this purpose, the hacker’s connection will be blocked and users will not need to do anything because WhatsApp will do it automatically.

 Automatic Security Codes

This feature will make it easier for users to verify whether their conversation with the desired person is safe or not.  This feature is based on key transparency and will allow users to automatically verify whether their conversation is safe or not.  According to WhatsApp, key transparency helps strengthen end-to-end encryption guarantees.

For this purpose, WhatsApp has also released an open-source library “Auditory of Oditable”.


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