WhatsApp Introduces New Version for Computers

Now users can still use WhatsApp even if their phone is switched off

whatsapp introduces new version for computers
whatsapp introduces new version for computers

WhatsApp, the world’s most used social media app, has introduced a new WhatsApp application for computers or laptops, which will make it possible to make group calls.

Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook and parent company Meta Platform, announced on Facebook that windows have introduced a new app for computers and laptops, Calling features have been added to this new version, and the performance of the new app has also been improved compared to the old application.

Now users can still use WhatsApp even if their phone is switched off.

WhatsApp introduces a new version for computers and In this new desktop app, it will now be possible to make video calls with 8 people and audio calls with 32 people, the company says that the number of people for video calling will be increased in the future.

The company says that using the WhatsApp application on the desktop of a computer or laptop will make it easier to join group calls.

To download the new WhatsApp application for desktop, click on the link in WhatsApp’s Twitter account.

Before WhatsApp introduces a new version for computers, the company introduced two more new features, in the first feature, the number of people in a WhatsApp group doubled, and the number of members of the groups was announced to increase from 512 to 1024.

The second ‘Voice Status’ feature was introduced, which will allow WhatsApp status to be installed through voice notes.

WhatsApp, the most commonly used instant messaging application, has finally introduced the ‘Voice Status’ feature.

WhatsApp experts have been working on the feature since the end of last year and it was already believed that it would be introduced by the middle of this year.

The company worked quickly on the feature and introduced it before the end of the first quarter of the year. The trial of ‘Voice Status’ was started in January this year.

The above feature can be used through the ‘Written Status’ feature, i.e. the user will have to go to the status features of his account.

For voice status, users will have to record their voice by holding the mic by going to the status of the pan icon and users will be able to update the status of the 30-second voice.

After recording the voice, users will also be able to listen to their status and if they want, they can delete the recorded voice and re-record it.

The above feature also works just like other features and users will be able to share it in place of video, text, and picture status. The ‘Voice Status’ feature will also be automatically removed from the status in 24 hours, but before that, if users want to remove it, they will have the option.

After applying for their status, users will also be able to share it directly with another user or WhatsApp group and it can also be forwarded.

However, voice status will not be able to be shared on Facebook immediately like WhatsApp’s video and text status.

After introducing the voice status feature in WhatsApp, the same feature will likely be introduced on Facebook in the next step.

The feature of sharing the status of your recorded voice is offered immediately and users will not be able to share someone else’s audio as status.

However, it is likely that the feature of sharing another person’s audio as the status will be introduced soon, but it is too early to say anything in this regard.


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