WhatsApp Voice Notes can be Converted into Text

WhatsApp voice notes can be converted into text
WhatsApp voice notes can be converted into text

The biggest and busiest instant messaging service in the world, WhatsApp, is set to launch a fantastic feature shortly that will allow users to convert voice chats into text. At present, there is no such feature in other messaging applications, including WhatsApp, but some social websites have similar features.  However, now the news has come out that WhatsApp experts are working on testing a feature, under which WhatsApp voice notes can be converted into text.

Voice messages to text

According to WhatsApp Beta Info, a website that monitors WhatsApp updates, experts have given some iOS and Android users access to the above feature, under which any WhatsApp voice note can be converted into text.  Initially in the above feature, voice notes coming in some major languages can be converted into writing.

How many Languages will be available?

The first languages supported by this unique capability will be Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Turkish, French, German, Arabic, and Cantonese. This functionality will allow WhatsApp users to turn their voice communications into text.

How will this feature work?

Under the feature, as soon as a user receives a voice note, the user will be given the option at once below it that they can also change it to writing if they want.  The above feature will generally be helpful for users when they are not able to listen to voice notes in a noisy place.

Ease for Users

Similarly, under the above feature, users will also be provided with the feature of ease of understanding the words of a particular sentence and finding them throughout the text and users will be able to quickly find any particular word under Control F and in such a situation, the word searched will change to another color. This exciting new WhatsApp feature is expected to be accessible by the end of the year.

WhatsApp Status on Facebook Story

It should be noted that in order to make WhatsApp more popular among users, more interesting features are being introduced day by day and in this regard, a very great feature was introduced a few days ago under which, After a long wait, a great feature of Instagram is now available for WhatsApp users, that is, like Instagram, WhatsApp users will now be able to share their status on Facebook stories. According to the report of WhatsApp Beta Info, now the status shared on WhatsApp can also be shared on the Facebook story.

Yes! Earlier it was only on Instagram that the story that users posted on Instagram could also be posted on the Facebook story, by connecting Instagram and Facebook users benefited from this facility. However, now this feature is also available on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Status on Facebook Story
WhatsApp Status on Facebook Story

How it will share?

In this regard, a screenshot has also been shared by WhatsApp Beta Info so that users do not face any difficulty in understanding. Currently, this feature is rolled out to a few beta testers on Android, in the coming days it will be rolled out to all users including iOS.


If you see the new Facebook Story option in your WhatsApp status privacy settings, it means that this feature is enabled for your account. It will be up to the users to share whatever status they want on the Facebook story.


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