WhatsApp’s Great Feature to Edit Videos & Photos


WhatsApp finally introduced the feature on which the application had been working for many years.

According to the report of WhatsApp Beta Info, the app has introduced the feature of ‘New Text Editor’ under which images, videos, and GIFs (graphics interchange format) can be edited.

According to the report, this feature has currently been introduced for Android users, while for iOS users it will be introduced in the next few months, Android users will present it in their updated WhatsApp version.

On Android phones, the new version of WhatsApp Beta can be downloaded through the Play Store.  Open the text editor on your WhatsApp, which will know whether new features are available to your account or not.  Under the new features, it has become easier to use different fonts. Although it was easier before, users will now be able to choose other fonts more quickly.

 How will this feature work?

Through this tool, it will be easy to use different Fonts of WhatsApp, it will allow users to choose other fonts immediately.

With the help of this new & interesting feature, users can set text to right, left, and center. In this way, users will have more freedom to customize text on their images, videos, and gifs.

In this way, users can customize text on their images, videos, and GIFs. Apart from this, the color of the background will also be changed using the new tool, it will also change the beam ground and the color of the text.

Using the new feature, the background color can also be changed, which will distinguish the text and the background color.  Users of the beta version of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business have been given access to a text editor equipped with new features.

Some users may not have access to this feature, for this, you will have to wait a little longer,  this feature will be introduced to all Android users in the next few days.


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