which app was banned by Google?

Capture messages, call logs, browser history, user location, and mobile screenshots. Even remote hackers can easily exploit the device...

app was banned by Google
app was banned by Google

Describing a popular app as dangerous, Google has banned it from its Play Store and advised users to delete it immediately, especially those using Android phones. According to a report by technology experts, they have found some suspicious things about this app.

After this, the app was banned by Google, because it can cause harm to the user . It also keeps compiling their records. This app is called iRecorder, Screen Recorder and it has been downloaded more than 50 thousand times so far.

Experts have expressed their concerns about this app and warned that the personal data of many people may be affected by this app.

How can this app cause harm?

According to experts, the presence of this application makes it easier for malware to access the phone and for spyware to target the phone. Due to the use of insecure applications, spy software is automatically downloaded into the phone without the user’s consent.

  • Hackers Access the Data

This allows hackers access to user information and passwords. Additionally, experts claim that the app was clean and secure when it was first submitted to the Google Play Store in 2021. Later, it was discovered that malware had been introduced to it. After the users report this issue, the app was banned by Google.

Delete this app to avoid damage

According to the report, Android users who installed version 1.3.8 of iRecorder may be at risk from this dangerous malware. Whether they later manually updated the application or it was done automatically. However, your data on the phone may be at risk.

A new way of spying

Hackers nowadays use a new method for spying. This technique makes use of the harmful code AhRat, a reworked variant of the AhMyth open-source remote access trojan. In this advanced method of hacking, they are easily used this malicious code by malware.

  • Method of Working

It can capture messages, call logs, browser history, user location, and mobile screenshots. Even remote hackers can easily exploit the device. This method includes everything from making calls to sending messages and surfing the Internet.

Experts say that the application was removed by Google Play Store after negative comments came out about it.

How to Uninstall the App?

Certain applications infected with malware or a virus remain hidden in the phone even after being deleted. To get rid of such dangerous and virus-infected applications permanently, experts suggest factory resetting the mobile.

Regarding the iRecorder, it has been mentioned that it can be deleted directly from the mobile.

  • Open the Google App Store for this.
  • The top right corner of the page contains the profile emblem.
  • To manage apps and devices, click.
  • To delete a program, click on it.
  • After that the uninstall option will appear then click on it.

This is not the first time that Google and experts have suggested deleting an app as dangerous. Earlier, a similar app was also identified in an expert report. The app was called Todo: Day Manager. Even then, it was deleted by a large number of users after warnings from experts.


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