Why did Italy ban ChatGPT?

Italy banned chatGPT
Italy banned chatGPT

While the modern artificial intelligence program ChatGPT is becoming increasingly popular around the world, Italy has become the first Western country to block ChatGPT. Italy banned chatGPT, due to security concerns. Italy is the first Western country to have open AI (Artificial Intelligence) based chat GPT made by the United States.

Italy’s Data Protection Authority has said it has been exposed to privacy concerns about the model created by Microsoft-backed US startup OpenAI and it is taking steps to immediately launch an investigation into the ban with its implementation.

“Not only will OpenAI-made ChatGPT be blocked, but it will also investigate whether it complied with the General Data Protection Regulation,” the Italian watchdog said.  DGPR controls the system in which users can use, process, and store personal data.

Italy’s watchdog said in a statement that the app had suffered a data breach that included users’ conversations and payment information. ‘  “There is no legal basis for the justification for mass collection of personal data for the purpose of training algorithms under the platform’s operation. ‘

The statement also said that since there is no way to verify the age of users, the app provides young people with inappropriate answers compared to their education and degree. The Italian Data Protection Authority said OpenAI had 20 days to address the watchdog’s concerns.

In recent days, technology leaders, including Twitter chief Elon Musk, have called for the suspension of such artificial intelligence systems.

Millions of people around the world have started using this advanced chatbot of artificial intelligence since ChatGPT came to light in November 2022.

Microsoft has spent billions of dollars developing this chatGPT and added it to its search engine last month and it has indicated that this modern form of technology will be included in other Microsoft Office apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

However, this modern artificial intelligence chatbot chatGPT is being concerned about the potential risks of spreading misinformation and bias, including the threat to jobs.

Compared to ChatGPT in Italy, Google’s artificial intelligence chatbot ‘Bard’ is now available, which can only be accessed by specific users over the age of 18.

The Italian Data Protection Authority said OpenAI has 20 days to address the watchdog’s concerns and will also have to pay 20 million euros in fines, or four percent of annual revenue.

The Irish Data Protection Commission, which is responsible for upholding the fundamental right to preserve the personal data of people involved in the European Union, has told to media persons that It is following Italy’s regulatory authority to understand the basis of its actions and will fully cooperate with the EU data protection authorities in enforcing sanctions.

Britain’s independent data regulator’s information commissioner’s office said it would support progress in AI but was willing to challenge it if data protection laws were not complied with.

Dan Morgan, an official at Security Scorecard, a cybersecurity rating agency, said the ban on ChatGPT shows the importance of enforcing laws for companies operating in Europe.

 ‘Society is not safe from the damage that AI can cause’

After the complaint was filed in the UNITED States, consumer advocacy group BEUC also called on the European Union and relevant authorities to investigate ChatGPT and other similar artificial intelligence chatbots.

Although the EU is currently working on the world’s first legislation on artificial intelligence, the European Consumer Organization (BEUC) is concerned that  It will take years for the AI Act to come into force, and in the meantime consumers will be at risk of harm from technology that is largely unregulated.

“Society is currently not immune to the damage that AI can cause,” beuc deputy director general Arsla Pichal warned. ‘

“There are growing serious concerns about how chat GPT and similar chatbots can deceive people.  These artificial intelligence systems need to be carefully examined and authorities need to take over these systems. ‘

ChatGPT is already banned in several countries, including China, Iran, North Korea and Russia.

However, there has been no stand from OpenAI on the issue so far. OpenAI launched a chatbot called ChatGPT in November 2022.


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