World’s most Expensive Mobile Phones

world's most expensive mobile phones
world's most expensive mobile phones

Generally, while buying a mobile, everyone tries to get a phone that is not too heavy on the pocket. Reports about them are printed and details are immediately available on the internet.

But there are some mobile phones about which not much detail is available. These are the sets that those who look forward to wish were more expensive and today they will be talked about.

The report talks about the luxurious and world’s most expensive mobile phones made of gold and also have diamonds attached to them. Details were also given about which companies these mobiles belong to and what their price is.

Falcon Super Nova iPhone Six Pink

It is the world’s most expensive mobile phone, which costs $ 48.5 million. It was introduced by Apple in 2004, made entirely of gold, and has a large pink diamond attached to its back. It has the features of anti-interference technology, due to which it is impossible to access the information kept in its owner’s phone.


Very few people in the world own this mobile phone, one of whom belongs to India, he is none other than Mukesh Ambani’s wife Nita Ambani.

Although it is the most expensive phone, many other expensive mobiles that come after it also have many features within themselves and is even more in design.

Stuart Hughes S. Elliott Gold

It is also made by Apple Company and is the second most expensive phone in the world with a price of about $ 10 million. It was designed by British designer Stuart Havers and is very popular among rich families. It is also made of gold while 53 small diamonds have also been used. The home button is also made of single-cut 8.6-carat diamonds, while buyers of this phone are also given a diamond of 7.6 carats.


The box of this phone is also very unique, which is made from the polished bones of dinosaurs.

Diamond Rose Edition

The third most expensive mobile phone in the world is also made by iPhone and its design was also made by Stewart Hughes.


This phone is made of pure gold and includes 500-carat diamonds, while Apple’s logo is also made of small 53 diamonds. Its home button is also made of diamond.

So far, only two phones of this version have been developed, costing $ 8 million.

Supreme GSS Gold Striker

Another expensive phone made by Apple Company and also designed by Stewart Hughes. 271 grams and 22-carat gold have been used in its preparation.


It has 136 diamonds attached to its frame and the apple logo on the back is also made of diamonds. The Supreme GS Striker costs around USD 3.2 million and comes in a box made of granite.

King’s Button G3

It is also one of the most expensive mobile phones in the world and is made by Apple Company. It was first created in 2009, designed by Austria designer Peter Ellison, and has 18-carat gold and 138 diamonds.

The most important thing about this phone is the 6.6-carat single cutout diamond, which has been used for the home button.

It is considered to be the most attractive of the most expensive mobiles ever made and it is very popular among people who love to have valuable and beautiful things.


It is also included in the list of the world’s most expensive mobiles; it was designed by Alison in 2006, while JSC Inc. Company is making this phone.

Most of this phone is made of solid platinum, while the company’s logo and home button made on the mobile is made of gold.

It also uses 50 diamonds, including 10 blue diamonds that are very rare worldwide, while some rare wood has also been used in it.

Apart from beauty, this phone also has special security features and keeps the owner’s information completely safe.

The diamond crypto smartphone is priced at $ 1.3 million.

Grisso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

Its first phone came out in 2010 and to date, only a few sets of it have been made which are owned by the richest people in the world, it is worth $ 1 million.


It also uses black diamonds for 180 grams of gold, each weighing 45.5 carats.

Its rare panel is made of precious wood while each button is made of 32-carat sapphire stone.

GoldWashan Revolution

It is also a set made by the famous company Gold Wish. So far only 32 sets have been made and their price is about five million dollars.


It also uses gold and diamonds and comes in a box made of sapphire.It also contains a non-detachable watch by Frederick Jovenot.

Virtu Signature Cobra

It is also included in the list of the most expensive mobiles and is part of a limited series. Its price is $ 310,000.


The phone is plated with gold water and a cobra is also visible in its design. This phone uses 439 sapphire pieces and two emeralds.


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