YouTube’s announcement to end the story feature

After June 26, users will not be able to use the YouTube Story feature...

YouTube Story feature
YouTube Story feature

The American technology company Google has announced the option of uploading stories from the social media platform YouTube 6 years after its launch. Google-run social media platform YouTube launched the Story feature in 2017, which has now been decided by the company to end. According to Google administration, after June 26, 2023, the Story option on YouTube will be removed.

Why It Happened?

Announcing the support page, Google informed us that the Stories feature is being removed to prioritize other options such as community posts, shorts, live, etc. The company further said that after June 26, users will not be able to use the YouTube Story feature.

The YouTube administration removed the Story feature and said that YouTube already has the facility of big format videos, small format videos (YouTube shorts), and live features.

According to the administration, users already update stories through the live feature. While small format videos can also be easily installed through YouTube Short. The company said, that despite all these features, there is no need for a story feature on YouTube. So to give priority to the rest of the community formats, Google administration has decided to remove the part of YouTube Story.

New Features

YouTube Creators already have a feature, YouTube Shorts. They can edit and put parts of their video on their Story, which automatically ends after 24 hours. A variety of poles, stickers, quizzes, and features can be used through this feature.

The company has said that more new features will be introduced for community posts and short videos. Google is committed to investing in new and innovative tools so that users can increase subscribers on their YouTube channel.

Last Day to Post Story

June 26, 2023, will be the last day to post stories. After which it will not be possible to use it anymore. Stories posted on June 26 will appear on the platform until July 3, after which this feature will officially end.

YouTube Stories was introduced by this video-sharing platform compared to the popular Stories feature of Instagram and Snapchat. However, this feature did not become very popular among ordinary users. The administration says that the purpose of the Stories option was to give creators a new way to stay connected to users.

And full-screen options were also added to it to get users’ attention. However, he could not achieve the desired popularity goals. Due to this, it has been decided to remove the option of Stories.

Community Post Feature

To advance the Community Post feature, Google recently removed the ban on having at least 500 subscribers to enable the Community tab. YouTube has introduced new features in these community posts, including editing, polling features, quizzes, filters, and stickers.


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